Briguel ‘Baby’s Phoney Friend’ EP Review

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After garnering millions of streams from their former releases, Briguel, a couple musical artist comes back once again with their new EP entitled, ‘Baby’s Phoney Friend.’ The EP is the soundtrack to the couple’s self-produced film of the same title.

Briguel ‘Baby’s Phoney Friend’ EP Review

As the title suggests, the ‘Baby’s Phone Friend’ EP is about the love of life, children, and going back to the inner babies in us, where everything was mostly about hope and positivity. Like most of their past music releases for Briguel, Brianne Berkson and Miguel Glusckstern incorporated their finest influences and eclectic instrumentals to come together and harmonize in this latest release.

Dreamlife is an easy-listening pop song with vocals. This is easily a great pop song that is derivative of early 2000s songs and is nostalgic. Among the tracks in the EP, it might perhaps be the most relatable to the public.

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Stop Running uses a bit of a darker tone with Miguel’s impressive rapping, but then Brianne contrasts it with her monumental vocals. The orchestral element used in the song accentuates the song’s message and Brianne’s majestic singing skills.

A fusion of Latin and rock, It’s Possible is an excellent mixture of different musical instruments that each have a role in speaking the song’s truth. Brianne’s surprise rap puts a twist to the song.

In between the full songs of the EP are tiny-second fillers that are both sweet and dark, as comprising the couple’s opposite but complementary yin and yang energy. Miguel’s Pov Interlude is murky and eerie, and showcases his topnotch rapping skills, while Brianne’s soothing Lullaby Lullaby is reflective of its title.

The last track, Oh My Baby talks about a parent’s feelings towards their children. Technically wise, the song dwells more into soul and rock instruments that are sweet and reassuring at the same time. It’s a great anthem for all children or babies, as the title itself suggests.

We’re pretty sure that ‘Baby’s Phone Friend’ EP by Briguel will captivate audiences once again, with their distinctive production and writing offerings that are beautiful, inspiring, and diverse, at the same time.

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