ENHYPEN ‘Dimension : Answer’ Album Review

ENHYPEN had me at Just a Little Bit, one of the songs off Enhypen ‘Dimension : Answer’, the repackaged album proceeding their first album, Dimension : Dilemma. I was doing my household chores while absent-mindedly playing K-pop music videos suggested by our family’s Youtube algorithm. I’ve seen many music videos of the group quite a few times, but my brain blindly refused to recognize my … Continue reading ENHYPEN ‘Dimension : Answer’ Album Review

Mino "To Infinity"

MINO broadens his horizons with his third full-length album, “TO INFINITY”

Stream “To Infinity” here. Buy the physical album here. WINNER’s MINO has returned with a new idea called ‘Digital Gun Man,’ demonstrating his own musical spectrum.The third album, named “TO INFINITY” was inspired by the iconic lyric “To Infinity and Beyond” from the Toy Story film and shows his endless love for his followers. MINO’s second album is a “very ‘MINO-like’ album and MINO’s identity … Continue reading MINO broadens his horizons with his third full-length album, “TO INFINITY”

r rules DNY

R Rules’ ‘DNY’ Champions Women Empowerment

R Rules talks of women empowerment on their debut single ‘DNY.’ The Pinay quintet displays unshakable devotion to inspiring young music fans to speak up for what they believe in and encourage them to uncover their inner strength to go after what they want with their propulsive beats and hip-hop attitude. The song, which literally means “Don’t Need Ya,” puts a novel spin on empowerment … Continue reading R Rules’ ‘DNY’ Champions Women Empowerment

Raquel Kiaraa

Raquel Kiaraa Releases ‘Scorpio Stripped’

Through the eyes of a woman who had a disastrous relationship with a Scorpion man, Raquel Kiaraa reclaims her power by realizing who destroyed her heart and emotionally exploited her. The trap that had been created for her.Rather than blaming the other, she accepts responsibility for her heart’s decisions. Weaving together a tale of love’s betrayal that is universally relatable. Raquel Kiaraa, a beautiful and … Continue reading Raquel Kiaraa Releases ‘Scorpio Stripped’

Matilde Davoli

Matilde Davoli Releases ‘Home’ EP

Matilde Davoli, a trailblazing producer, will release her latest album, Home, on November 5th via Loyal To Your Dreams. Matilde Davoli returns to the industry after a six-year break with the album’s emotional title single. LISTEN: Matilde Davoli – Home Numerous tastemaker journals have backed the vocalist throughout her remarkable career. Her first solo album earned her a spot at the Primavera Sound Festival in … Continue reading Matilde Davoli Releases ‘Home’ EP

Dance Popstar Agnes Releases “Magic Still Exists”

The dance popstar Agnes and her highly anticipated album Magic Still Exists was just released. The album’s magnetic title tune, as well as the previously released single ‘Here Comes The Night,’ are included. Dance Popstar Agnes, who is based in Stockholm, began her successful career at the age of 16 when her extraordinary skill pushed her into popularity. Her breakthrough global dancefloor hit ‘Release Me,’ … Continue reading Dance Popstar Agnes Releases “Magic Still Exists”

Briguel 'Baby's Phoney Friend'

Briguel ‘Baby’s Phoney Friend’ EP Review

After garnering millions of streams from their former releases, Briguel, a couple musical artist comes back once again with their new EP entitled, ‘Baby’s Phoney Friend.’ The EP is the soundtrack to the couple’s self-produced film of the same title. Briguel ‘Baby’s Phoney Friend’ EP Review As the title suggests, the ‘Baby’s Phone Friend’ EP is about the love of life, children, and going back … Continue reading Briguel ‘Baby’s Phoney Friend’ EP Review


Album Review: ATEEZ is Back with ‘ZERO : FEVER Part.3’

Following the release of ATEEZ’s tremendously popular “ZERO : FEVER Part.2” in March, the global K-Pop group releases ‘ZERO : FEVER Part.3’ the third episode in their “FEVER” series, today. If the second installment was about reigniting a young person’s desire, the third installment tells the story of a young person’s memories and passion that will last forever. ORDER ATEEZ’s ZERO : FEVER Part 3 … Continue reading Album Review: ATEEZ is Back with ‘ZERO : FEVER Part.3’

clara mae crash

Elegant Alternative Pop Singer Clara Mae Releases ‘Crash’

Swedish singer-songwriter Clara Mae released her new single, “Crash,” on September 10th through Universal Music Sweden. Clara Mae has made a reputation for herself in the music industry by co-writing songs with huge names like David Guetta, Tiesto, and Martin Jensen, as well as appearing in tracks by R3HAB and Frank Walker, to mention a few. Stream / Download ‘Crash’ WONDERLAND, Refinery 29, FLAUNT, Pop … Continue reading Elegant Alternative Pop Singer Clara Mae Releases ‘Crash’

mimi webb

UK Rising Star Mimi Webb Releases Her New Single and MV, ’24/5′

Mimi Webb, a UK pop singer, and songwriter who has had a breakout year has released a new single and music video named “24/5” today. A soft piano accompanies Mimi Webb and her intimate delivery of the lines on the single. As her voice rises on the hook, “Haunted by your love, holding on for 24/5,” handclaps add to the momentum. The accompanying cinematic visual, … Continue reading UK Rising Star Mimi Webb Releases Her New Single and MV, ’24/5′