Plastic Butter Last Flight

Plastic Butter ‘Last Flight’ Track Review

After ten years of hiatus, one of Davao’s most beloved disco-punk bands, Plastic Butter, is out to conquer our musical realm once again. They’ve recently released their single, “Last Flight.” Plastic Butter has always had great experiences. Despite breaking up or being on hiatus for quite some time, like a first love or a perfect love, they have never forgotten how it was like writing … Continue reading Plastic Butter ‘Last Flight’ Track Review

Paul Pablo 'Bangin'

Paul Pablo ‘Bangin’ Song and Music Video Review

Our favorite artist, Paul Pablo, is on a roll! We interviewed him in 2020 when a lot of things have happened to him personally, but just shortly after that came the most exciting time his career has transitioned. After being an independent artist in his college years, Paul Pablo is finally ready to conquer the Philippines and the world after signing up with Warner Music. … Continue reading Paul Pablo ‘Bangin’ Song and Music Video Review

Alden Richards ‘Goin’ Crazy’ Track Review

No one would disagree with me when I say that today is the peak of Alden Richards’ career. He’s seen on TV every day, not just for one show, but for two or even more. In fact, due to this, I dreamt of him two times last week, and that’s only for the ones I remember. While some critics would say that he’s overexposed these … Continue reading Alden Richards ‘Goin’ Crazy’ Track Review

natalie 2v

Natalie 2V ‘Faded’ Track Review

Natalie 2V just released her latest single, Faded, and it has two versions. The original one, which can be heard on Spotify, has all the workings of a hit song. Natalie 2V’s smooth vocals open up three or four seconds on the intro, gliding through different notes, and gradually bursting into the high chorus. It then flows smoothly with accompanying contemporary sound elements. You hear … Continue reading Natalie 2V ‘Faded’ Track Review