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The Pop Blog is a blog about Pop Culture.

So what is Pop Culture? According to Dictionary.com, the basic definition of Pop Culture is “cultural activities or commercial products reflecting, suited to, or aimed at the tastes of the general masses of people.” The Pop Blog is not about that.

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Through the years, Pop Culture has evolved. The ThoughtCo. listed a total of six definitions that embody Pop Culture today, and The Pop Blog epitomizes the fourth one which is, “Popular culture is folk culture, something that arises from the people rather than imposed upon them: pop culture is authentic (created by the people) as opposed to commercial (thrust upon them by commercial enterprises).”

Since The Pop Blog adheres to the definition that Pop Culture is authentic rather than commercial, it features both avante-garde and popular art. NeP-C Ledesma, the blogger, devours both pop culture that has a mass appeal, like pop stars and blockbuster films, and pop culture that is a niche, such as garage band kings and arthouse films. And besides, in this generation, there’s a very thin line between the two.

From time to time, NeP-C chronicles her life, style, and other nitty-gritty on this blog. She’s also more than willing to feature anyone who deserves to be written about, especially indie and unknown talents. Contact her to be featured.

About the Blogger

NeP-C Ledesma is a millennial writer and entrepreneur. She once dreamt of being a star, but she wasn’t meant for the limelight. Hence, she alternately decided to be backstage, writing about art and artists as virtuously as she can. When she’s not indulging in pop culture, she likes to bond with her cat, market products online, and cook for her family.

Follow her on Twitter and Instagram: @nepcledesma

She also has a separate Personal blog.

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