Steve Aoki, Max, and Jolin Releases “Equal in the Darkness”

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Two-time Grammy nominee Steve Aoki, multi-platinum vocalist MAX, and the “Queen of C-Pop” Jolin collaborate on the song “Equal in the Darkness.” Listen to it here:

The intense vocal delivery of MAX and Jolin, who take turns singing the verses and harmonizing as one on the earworm chorus, adds to Aoki’s electronic backdrop. The words allude to the commonalities that we all share as humans: we’re all trudging through the darkness in quest of answers and love, no matter where we originate from. “Equal In The Darkness” is out now on Liquid State, a joint venture label between Tencent Music and Sony Music dedicated to breaking new ground in the dance music world.

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“Equal In The Darkness” is available in both English and Chinese, demonstrating MAX and Jolin’s remarkable foreign language abilities. Fans who attended Lollapalooza this summer got a sneak peek at the English version when MAX joined Steve Aoki on stage for the first time ever to play the new song during Aoki’s Thursday night headline set. The never-heard Chinese version features Jolin, a Taipei-based vocalist, and MAX, a New Yorker who performs his verses in Mandarin, a language he only recently acquired to record this song.

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“The lyrical delivery in this song is so beautiful,” states Steve Aoki. “The message behind it is universal, and I’m so happy to have been a part of the creation of it. This song represents the idea that no matter where you are from or who you are, we are all just people in the darkness, equal in the darkness. I am very excited to bring all of my passion and heart into this project with Jolin and MAX. We were able to collaborate across time zones and nationalities, and I think we were able to create something special.”

“It was such an honor and pleasure to learn Mandarin for this song for the first time and to be alongside such legendary artists like Jolin and Steve Aoki. Steve and I have been friendly and working together for a long time and Jolin is so unbelievably talented – this was a meant-to-be collaboration,” Max adds.

“Steve is such a brilliant musician with the most creative ideas, and MAX has these outstanding vocals which make people stop what they are doing and instantly feel the story that is being told,” Jolin states. “I’m so honored to work with these great artists on Equal in the Darkness, and I’m touched by the meaning behind the lyrics with this record. I hope everybody will be, too.”

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