‘Sober Now’ by Saint Rien is an Ethereal Anthem That Brings Tingle to Your Spine

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Saint Rien is an Australian-born multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and producer residing in Nashville, has released a new tune called “Sober Now.” LISTEN TO THE SONG HERE: LINK

The Magnetic ‘Sober Now’

After releasing his contemporary track ‘Medusa,’ Saint Rien surprises us with an ethereal and melancholic track. An eclectic mix of Saint Rien’s diverse musical influences, ‘Sober Now’ takes listeners on a funereal trip. The track is thoughtfully weighted and conceived, utilizing his vocal roughness in a completely new way.

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While Saint Rien found success is in previous tracks, he doesn’t let his guard down and continues to dazzle his usual listeners and bring in new fans of his wide-ranging tracks, as with ‘Sober Now,’ which fuses electronic elements in a lo-fi atmosphere. For ‘Sober Now,’ he didn’t hesitate to bring out the best of his vocal capabilities and colossal feelings into the song.

saint rien 'sober now' review

Saint Rien and His Music

Saint Rien started in music in high school and formed the Australian Post-Hardcore band Storm the Sky as the frontman and main songwriter. Storm the Sky became a hit in the country and toured with artists like The Used.

When the band broke up in 2018, Saint Rien has extended his musical repertoire and began to write songs that are leaning towards Jeff Buckley, Tyler, The Creator, Frank Ocean, and Thom Yorke. After learning to produce his own music while living on his friends’ couches in Los Angeles, he was able to produce “l’année”. “l’année” is a musical project of 12 songs in 12 months and spawned two EPs.

Saint Rien’s music and lyrics come from his struggles of depression, anxiety, and relationships. He convoluted his experiences and musical influences together to create soulfully odd and sleek songs, fueled by a four-octave vocal range (F2 to F6), casual verbal skill, and intimate song-craft.

Saint Rien’s music is an eclectic mix of indie, indie, funk, rock, alternative hip-hop, and experimental textures intertwine in unique chemistry, his music is both dark and inviting, nostalgic and hopeful.

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