Album Review: ATEEZ is Back with ‘ZERO : FEVER Part.3’

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Following the release of ATEEZ’s tremendously popular “ZERO : FEVER Part.2” in March, the global K-Pop group releases ‘ZERO : FEVER Part.3’ the third episode in their “FEVER” series, today. If the second installment was about reigniting a young person’s desire, the third installment tells the story of a young person’s memories and passion that will last forever.

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‘ZERO : FEVER Part.3′ is a six-track EP containing two A-side tracks, ‘Eternal Sunshine’ and ‘Deja Vu,’ with ‘Deja Vu’ serving as the lead track on which ATEEZ members Hongjoong and Mingi collaborated on the lyrics for the EP.

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‘ZERO : FEVER Part.3′ begins with the bright and refreshing synth-pop song ‘Eternal Sunshine,’ which takles youth’s beauty It is followed by the tropical dance-pop song ‘Feeling Like I Do,’ which conveys the message of the group being united as one.

ATEEZ introduces their first single from the EP, ‘Deja Vu,’ which was chosen by their fans and international musicians. ‘Deja Vu’ is a rhythmic synthesizer-infused, contemporary dancey song that is about people’s unquenchable desire for the unknown.

The fierce fourth tune “ROCKY,” was inspired by the film Rocky. It celebrates the triumph and determination of a person that was once an underdog. Hoojong and Mingi wrote the song together.

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Another song from ‘ZERO : FEVER Part.3’ is ‘All About You,’ a poetic contemporary R&B track. The third chapter of the “FEVER” series finally closes with ‘Not Too Late,’ a highly passionate song conveying a reassuring message to the youth who are anxious about the uncertainty of the future.

On top of the EP, ATEEZ has completed its “ATEEZ NEXT SONG” project. Yhe project seeked the help of their fans and co-artists from around the world to choose and vote for their next lead tune, together with their latest release. Internationally renowned performers such as PSY and Scott Hoying of Pentatonix have signed up to vote. ATEEZ has previously collaborated with Pentatonix, with members YUNHO, SAN, and JONGHO appearing in their songs.

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The remix of ‘A Little Space’ is by Pentatonix. With a huge international presence, ATEEZ is quickly cementing its reputation as one of the most exciting K-Pop groups to watch as they achieve milestone after milestone with their unique style and impeccable talent.


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