Meet the 4 PANTHEPACK Members

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Global Star Jackson Wang’s most awaited mysterious musical project is now open to the public. Let’s meet the four official PANTHEPACK members.

Jackson wang has been hinting to us about forming a new musical group since April of this year. A lot of his fans all over the world, especially in China, have been waiting for it and for Jackson to unveil the 4 PANTHEPACK members.

The PANTHEPACK members are singer Karencici, industry powerhouse artist ICE, R&B singer J.Sheon, and Jackson Wang himself. The four musicians have come together to bring their unique sounds and styles to the international music arena. They are dedicated to conveying Chinese music in a cutting-edge way–something that we might not have heard of before.

Meet the PANTHEPACK Members: Jackson Wang

Jackson Wang has finally broken free from the nuances of being a k-pop idol under strict management. As I’ve seen, just after going out on his way, he has proved that he is more than just a rapping and dancing idol, but a notable singer, songwriter, and producer. On top of that, he has embarked on a commendable entrepreneurial journey.

Meet the PANTHEPACK Members: Karencici

Karencici, the only rose among the thorns, adds a unique and unmistakable female voice to the group. If you haven’t heard of her, consider her as the Chinese Doja Cat.

Meet the PANTHEPACK Members: Ice

Ice’s dark hip hop collaboration with Jackson Wang, Red, was a creative success, and the fans wanted more. Now, you’ll hear more of them together!

Meet the PANTHEPACK Members: J.Sheon

Finally, Taiwanese R&B singer and producer J.Sheon will provide a genre-bending approach to the group’s hip hop and rap sensibility through his usual mellow material. I’m happy that his incredible voice will finally be heard worldwide!

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The PANTHEPACK Members’ Musical Collaboration Integrates Chinese Influences with a Global Audience

As the world experts foresaw, the 2020s will be more about Asia in different industries. The most evident one is, of course, music. Labels like 88 Rising and other Asian artists are definitely on the rise. And now, PANTHEPACK also leads while maintaining their strong Chinese roots.

While conveying a solid contemporary attitude of the new generation, like ‘young,’ ‘chill,’ ‘whatever,’ the PANTHEPACK members make sure that this new era connects and highlights China’s modern music culture. In fact, their name was derived from the word “PANDA” and represents the members’ love and pride for their Chinese roots.

Now that they have finally unveiled the talented PANTHEPACK members, we are looking forward to their official releases. Watch the official animation of their panda logo below:

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