Dive into Summer with ONF’s album, ‘Popping’

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K-Pop group ONF (ON and OFF) releases their new summer pop-up album ‘Popping’ today via Sony Music Entertainment Korea. The mini album is contains five refreshing and passionate summer songs, making us ready to beat the heat.

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ONF is known for its distinctive narrative and futuristic universe crossovers. Their previous two albums were about youth and freedom. This new summer album delivers yet another profound message about always being together no matter what. Each song tells a different summer story and features the group’s signature vocal styles and expressions. The pleasant and exciting Funky Disco title track ‘Popping’ kicks off ONF’s album, ‘Popping,’ and immediately makes you want to delve into summer.

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The second track, ‘Summer Poem,’ is based on a Bosa Nova beat and delivers a poem that sings of “you and I from our youth.” The third tune, ‘Summer Shape,’ is about how each summer comes in different shapes and forms to different people. ‘Dry Ice’ brings a different atmosphere both musically and lyrically. The album concludes with ‘Summer End,’ a city pop single that conveys the nostalgic sense of summer as the scorching season draws to a close.

ONF rose to prominence because of their enthralling and riveting storytelling performances on Mnet’s ‘Road to Kingdom’ in 2020. Their high spirits and energy, which can be seen not only in their music but also in their visual productions, have gained them a new fan base that is growing by the day.

Listen to ONF’s album ‘Popping‘ on Spotify.

Buy ONF’s ‘Popping’ Physicial Album HERE: https://www.koreancravings.com/ONF

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