P-pop artist Tome. Brings a Refreshing and Vibrant Approach to OPM with his Latest Release, “LIME”

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Tome., an emerging talent in the Filipino pop music scene, has unveiled his latest single, “LIME.” This song serves as a delightful and lively anthem for those experiencing crushes, situationships, or delusionships. With its infectious synthpop rhythm complementing Tome.’s velvety vocals, “LIME” possesses a distinct charm that is bound to leave a lasting impression, as its catchy tune is sure to linger in your mind for days.

Tome. is a talented artist based in Manila, known for his skills in writing, producing, and mixing his own music. Following his debut project “First Edition God Complex,” he has been building anticipation for his latest single “LIME” during his live performances for the past month, garnering positive reactions from his audience.

“LIME” undoubtedly delivers a hit, filling a void in the OPM scene with its refreshing sound that can rival international artists. The song caters to fans of R&B, pop, and dance music, making it a must-listen. With a series of exciting new releases on the horizon, Tome. has certainly become an artist worth keeping a close watch on.

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