Lyric Offers 80s-Inspired Power-Pop Track with ‘1985’

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Gold Coast artist Lyric gives us “1985,” an ode to the 1980s and a tale of explosive, forbidden love, after her tune “Lunar Eclipse” was used for the soundtrack of Netflix blockbuster, The Heartstopper. The audience of the said series loved the track, as it helped synchronize to snippets of the LGBTQ+A series.

“1985” was inspired by the strings and synthesizers of Taylor Swift and Conan Gray. Lyric-wise, it “evokes feelings of being swept up in it all – in all the moments of passion – and surrendering to your desires, regardless of what you know the outcome will be.”

“Not only is the song inspired by the 80s, but it is also about forbidden love and late night romances. Knowing it isn’t going to last, but that doesn’t matter, because the passion and adrenaline you feel in the moment transcend the fear of falling apart. The kind of love that even when it ends, it will never really be over. They’ll always haunt you like a ghost,” Lyric said.

Lyric produced and mixed the song all by herself, giving it a more emotional and reflective tone. She skillfully used fulls and empties to make room for her powerful vocals and deftly built storytelling throughout the song’s production.

‘Lunar Eclipse,’ Lyric’s previous release, got praise from various sources, including Declan Byrne of Triple J Unearthed, who said, “It floats then it fizzes. there’s plenty to love about lyric’s pop style!” As for The Heartstopper fanbase, they synced portions of the hit Netflix series to the beat.

Lyric’s future vision is to inspire togetherness at live shows when performing ‘1985,’ saying, “I adore this song, and could hear the post-chorus being sung by a stadium of people in my head. I’m just super excited to release it, and even having one person know the words and be able to sing along with me would mean the world.”

‘1985’ is out via all streaming platforms on July 22.

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