Emerging Filipino-Canadian Artist Argel MDR Releases his First EP, ‘Reign’

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Argel MDR is releasing his EP ‘Reign’ following the release of ‘Story We Tell.’ The value of self-advocacy and pleasure is explored in this EP. Each song delves into a different aspect of his life and closes with an action in the hopes of discovering the purpose of life and ultimate happiness.

Argel MDR’s debut EP depicts a turning point in his life when he discovers the confidence to live life fully and the hope of a better tomorrow. It’s all about thriving and owning our identities in Reign–to rule our life without regard for what others may think of us.

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“Reign explores the dilemma I feel as a person of color who sees what others have that I don’t have. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of feeling like I am not enough and that I will not be able to achieve my dreams. The song also explores the social injustices that the IBPOC community endures and how the community didn’t find it a reason for them to give up; Instead, the community found a way to prove to everyone how we can reign our own lives no matter what we have, or we don’t have. We are worthy of wearing our crown and reigning our lives to the fullest. Reign’s musical elements traverse the concept of time through beats and synth. The song is inspired by the beauty of nature, especially the rivers and the oceans. With One Republic and Of Monsters and Men influences, this electro-pop song has a regal vibe, with a sense of self-ownership and the optimism to carry on,” Argel MDR shares.

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