Filipino-Canadian artist Argel MDR Releases his First Song in Tagalog

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Argel MDR releases his current track, “Story We Tell,” which aims to continue the history of Philippine folk music while incorporating Western influences. Argel MDR says, “As the song nears its conclusion, it gradually shows my identity as a Filipino-Canadian singer/songwriter, as well as my RnB and Pop influences.”

‘Story We Tell’ is about Argel MDR’s desire of living in Canada, the place of endless possibilities. This governs not only the dream, but also the discovery of the agony that comes with it, as well as the longing for home. This is Argel’s first release in Tagalog, and it features Filipino folk instruments such as the Kulintang and Kubing. It is inspired by the Original Pinoy Music (OPM) of home.

Argel MDR is a singer, songwriter, and actor from Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. He was one of CBC’s Toyota Searchlight 2021’s Top 10 contestants. He and his family moved to Canada from the Philippines when he was 15 years old in search of a better life and chances.

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As a young immigrant, Argel MDR wants to use his music and theatrical acts to encourage Filipino youngsters and other immigrants via the power of storytelling. He is a proponent of diversity, anti-racism work, and inclusiveness. ‘Sail Away,’ Argel’s most recent track, was included in Spotify playlists such as Fresh Finds Philippines.

Listen to Argel MDR’s new track, “Story We Tell,” which will be released on March 3, 2022.

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