Netflix’s Our Blues is an Omnibus Style K-Drama to Look Out For

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From its huge cast of Korea’s top actors, including Lee Byung-Hun from Squid Game and Shin Min-A from Hometown Cha Cha Cha, to its magical and appealing locale on Jeju Island, Netflix’s Our Blues hits all the necessary notes for a classic k-drama. Our Blues will premiere on April 9th, with 20 episodes to tell the heartwarming stories of all 14 characters who are somehow connected.

If you’re in for a different K-Drama offering, then Our Blues will delight you as it is an omnibus k-drama, which means that it’s somehow a mix between a Korean drama and short films. The drama will showcase different stories of different people’s lives set on Jeju Island. Hence, it is top-billed by many of Korea’s A-listers. Think of it as an omniverse or multiverse drama, where there are different heroes per different episodes, but they come together as one, giving hope to each other’s lives and the k-drama viewers as well.

The following are three key takeaways from the pre-premiere press conference, which I attended, and the Reasons why you should watch Our Blues:

1. Our Blues is A K-Drama Style that you’ve Never Seen Before

Our Blues is set on Jeju Island, South Korea’s dreamy summer vacation destination. As I’ve said, it’s an omnibus drama. It tells the story of 14 persons who are related in some way through the Pureung village’s Seopseop 5-day Market – some are friends, neighbors, and relatives. Each episode narrates the story from the perspective of one or two central characters, with the rest of the 14 characters living in the same universe. As a result, in each episode, you’ll get a glimpse into the life of a character who was previously the focus of the main tale, allowing you to step back from it.

he Great Ensemble Cast of Our Blues
The Great Ensemble Cast of Our Blues

Noh Hee Gyoung, the writer of Our Blues, wishes to transmit a warm message that supports the lives of all living beings through the drama. The writer reveals, “The form of omniverse storytelling is something I always wanted to try in dramas. I couldn’t understand why do all stories revolve around a man and a woman when in actual life, we are all main characters!”

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2. Lee Byung-Hun, Shin Min-A, Kim Woo Bin, and 11 more amazing actors form an incredible ensemble cast and chemistry.

Top actor Lee Byung-Hun will take on a role that is a departure from his past parts of tremendous charisma. He plays Lee Dong-seok, a truck driver who was born and bred on Jeju Island, in Our Blues.” I have always hoped to work with Noh Hee Gyoung,” and that he was captivated by all the characters of the omniverse genre,” says the actor.

Shin Min-A will play Min Seon-a, a character who is completely different from the one she played in the hit series Hometown Cha Cha Cha. For the first time in her career, Shin Min-A will play a mother who is forced to leave her child and relocate to Jeju Island in Our Blues. Shin Min-A’s performance in this new role will be fascinating to watch. Despite the fact that the role was new to her, the actress says her heart opened up to the character’s life narrative right away. She says, “I could understand the pain Min Seon-a was feeling. And it hurt my heart. I thought it would be fun to play this role, and I wanted to challenge myself.”

It’s been six years since Kim Woo Bin last appeared in a Korean drama, which is why fans are eagerly anticipating his return with Our Blues. Park Jeong-jun will be played by Kim Woo Bin, who will portray a romantic man who leads a hectic life, from driving off the haenyeos (sea divers who gather sea life on Jeju Island) to working and selling fish at the market and auction. The actor reveals, “To understand the context of my character, I went to live in Jeju Island for a while met a captain, followed the haenyeos to their work, and even learned how to cut open fish at the fish market,” which increases expectations for his role as Park Jeong-jun.

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BONUS: Korean reporters were eager to ask about Shin Min-A and Kim Woo Bin being in the same drama and having different on-screen partners while being in a real-life romantic relationship. Writer Noh Hee Gyoung was asked about it and said that she wanted both actors to play their respective characters because it fits them well and that they’re both great actors. She also knew that they won’t like it if they are paired together in a drama or movie. Director Kim Kyu-Tae agreed.

3. Our Blues is a story that everyone can enjoy.

Our Blues will speak about Korean life and life in general, so it’s very relatable to everyone. Lee Byung-Hun said “This story happens in a specific setting of Jeju Island, but it also involves emotions such as sadness and hope, which is what everyone goes through in life. This story contains all of these emotions that people can all relate to” as one reason to look forward to the series. Shin Min A added, “I hope the hopeful message of the series will reach out to many people.”

Our Blues is ready to provide a wonderful experience to viewers – packed with solid narratives and a mega ensemble cast, only released on Netflix on April 9.

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