Art for Children’s Relief in Ukraine (Open for Donations)

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Art for Children’s Relief in Ukraine: Artists Join Together to Sale Art to Raise Funds for Orphans.

Renowned artists like David Burnett and Ashot Grigoryan, have donated works of art to Neighbors Abroad and “kleine herzen” to generate donations. Art Ventures Gallery in Menlo Park will host a special fundraising event on March 30, 2022, at 5 p.m. The Ukraine Children’s Relief Fund receives 50-100 percent of the proceeds from sales. Former Menlo Park Mayor and Council Member Ray Mueller, as well as Neighbors Abroad’s Jeanette Kissling, will be in attendance.

About David Burnett and Ashot Grigoryan

David Burnett is a photojournalist who has covered the news, people, and the visual tempo of our day for more than six decades. He is a co-founder of Contact Press Images, a photography business based in New York that is now in its 45th year. Burnett was designated one of the “100 Most Important People in Photography” by American Photo magazine. The National Press Photographers Association presented David with the Sprague Award for Lifetime Achievement in 2018. He claims, however, that he is currently attempting to determine his subsequent “lifetime” work.

Ashot Grigoryan is an Armenian visual artist who received his training at the Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts. Ashot is fascinated by how a little creative freedom in the surroundings may contribute to human values. He is inspired by Architecture, Design, and Nature. In 2017, he received a STEP grant from the European Cultural Foundation (ECF) for his Green Urbanism project, and he completed an artist-in-residence in Switzerland (recently in Art Ventures Residency in California and upcoming in Norway). Exhibitions of his work have taken place in Armenia, Estonia, France, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, and the United States.

Ashot’s passion is to try new things, put himself in unfamiliar situations, and come up with unexpected results. He hopes to establish a system that integrates a combination of specialized architectural components, new materials, and natural forms to link humans with the presence of their surroundings through figurative art and landscapes.

Additional artists have donated their works to raise funds. They will be on display for this special event featuring – David Madison, John Todd, Mark Tuschman, Oliver Klink, Dany Suk, Larry Stueck, Bill Jackson, Cathy Cakebread, Bruce Beron, and Radka Tezaur.

About Neighbors Abroad and “klein herzen.” + Open for Donations

The European Committee of Neighbors Abroad has launched a campaign to help mitigate some of the invasion’s devastating effects on vulnerable children. They’ve started raising money to fund already-established organizations caring for Ukrainian children by partnering with the European children’s charity “kleine herzen” (little hearts), which has a branch in Palo Alto’s German sister city of Heidelberg. Any donations made to this campaign through Neighbors Abroad, a 501(c)(3), will be used entirely to support these children’s basic needs, such as food and clothing.

You can also donate directly: Donate at

Help the Children in Ukraine – Neighbors Abroad (

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