Art Installation By Daniela Soberman Inspires Impromptu Community Play

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Visitors to the opening of a sculptural project by Daniela Soberman entitled, Stage 3: Destruction of Modernist Utopia, the third iteration of a mutable installation housed on the patio of the Torrance Art Museum, have inspired impromptu playing of the community.

Daniela Soberman came into a group of individuals playing in and around her structure, which she is known for adding riddles, scavenger hunts, and play into her works. When Soberman approached the group, they told her they were playing a game created by the late Richard Pochinko and urged her to join it.

Daniela Soberman

“Normally, I’m the one to invite the community to play, but in this instance, the roles were reversed and I’m thrilled. The Pochinko clown game is great fun and I think I’ll continue to use the game in a forthcoming installation,” says Daniela Soberman.

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How to play the game

  1. Close your eyes and count to 10
  2. Choose a pre-designated player and let them hide somewhere in or around the installation, showing only a small portion of their body to stick out (i.e. a finger, a foot, an elbow, eyes)
  3. At the count of 10, everyone opens their eyes and scans the structure for the visible body part.

The Clown game is based on the late Richard Pochinko’s methods.

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