Native Instruments, iZotope, Plugin Alliance, and Brainworx Come Together Under a Single Brand, Soundwide

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Alicia Keys, Ann Mincieli, EL-P, Jacob Collier, Ludwig Göransson, Noah “40” Shebib, Take A Daytrip, Tayla Parx, and Young Guru joins the Board of Directors as inaugural members to offer advice on how to keep musicians in the creative flow.

Soundwide, the newly renamed parent company of premier brands Native Instruments and iZotope, today announced the appointment of an Artist Board to support the brand’s purpose of empowering and inspiring creators. Singer-songwriter Alicia Keys, recording and mix engineer Ann Mincieli, producer and rapper EL-P of Run the Jewels, musician/producer/composer Jacob Collier, composer Ludwig Göransson, producer and engineer Noah “40” Shebib, production duo Take A Daytrip, singer-songwriter Tayla Parx, and producer and engineer Young Guru are among the members of the Board. The announcement coincides with the inclusion of Plugin Alliance and Brainworx to the Soundwide family of businesses.


Soundwide encourages and empowers innovators to express themselves as they reinvent the future of sound on all levels. The Artist Board will provide guidance to Soundwide in order to empower the community, listen to what creators want and need, and seek to improve the music industry’s overall health.

Soundwide hopes to center multiple perspectives and construct a creator-community-to-company input channel for product development by forming the Artist Board. Soundwide will seek to the Artist Board for advice, assistance, and innovative methods of working in the future in order to establish an inclusive community that welcomes all creators.

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The Artist Board has a total of 29 GRAMMY awards (from 77 nominations), and their own recorded music has over 10 billion plays on YouTube and Spotify. The albums they’ve produced, engineered, and written go far beyond that, including some of the most influential music of the last decade by Adele, Ariana Grande, and Jay-Z. The members of Soundwide’s Board of Directors have a combined social media following of over 100 million people and are well-known in the music industry for their creativity and quality in all aspects of music production.

“Going forward, we’re asking ourselves: ‘What do our community members need to tap into their ultimate creative workflow and how can we help get them there?.’ By first uncovering and understanding our community’s needs, we can map out our goals and move one step closer to the future of sound. Soundwide’s Artist Board provides a unique opportunity to offer up more seats at the table and collaborate with board members to bring new voices into the conversation,” said Soundwide CEO Mark Cattini.

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Soundwide’s mission is to assist musicians to find and stay in their creative flow, making music-making a more pleasurable and inspirational experience for everyone. Native Instruments and iZotope, which merged in 2021, will continue to exist as product brands under Soundwide, with a common goal of inspiring and empowering creators to express themselves and rethink the future of sound. The launch of Soundwide lays the groundwork for creating the most diversified and interconnected audio environment possible. The parent company will assist customers to benefit from the merger of multiple brands, the more integrated product portfolio, the higher value, and the enhanced user experience Soundwide brings together, with a user base of upwards of 10 million.

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Plugin Alliance and Brainworx, two firms created by CEO Dirk Ulrich and employing 60 people in the US and Germany, have now joined Soundwide in that shared objective. Plugin Alliance, as a platform, provides creators with flexibility and choice in selecting the correct tools for their work, as well as providing industry partners with a sales, marketing, and delivery platform for over 1 million user accounts. Brainworx is the market’s most prominent product contributor, specializing in high-end software emulations of analog hardware from their global network of partners.

Soundwide also welcomes the newly created Sound Stacks, which was founded by Cesare Ferrari and Julian Storer, the author of the industry-standard open-source audio application framework JUCE.
Sound Stacks will spearhead the development of new audio platform technologies aimed at increasing audio developers’ efficiency and performance.

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