Dance Popstar Agnes Releases “Magic Still Exists”

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The dance popstar Agnes and her highly anticipated album Magic Still Exists was just released. The album’s magnetic title tune, as well as the previously released single ‘Here Comes The Night,’ are included.

Dance Popstar Agnes, who is based in Stockholm, began her successful career at the age of 16 when her extraordinary skill pushed her into popularity. Her breakthrough global dancefloor hit ‘Release Me,’ which topped Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Songs, entered the Top Ten in charts worldwide, and sold over 900,000 copies in the UK alone, was followed by world tours and three highly successful albums. Agnes has received just around 400 million plays across streaming platforms, thanks to encouragement from outlets like Billboard, Rolling Stone, The Line Of Best Fit, DJ Mag, SPIN, YourEDM, Dancing Astronaut, and This Song Is Sick, among others.

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“I’ve been waiting for this day my whole life,” Agnes says on the first full track of her new album Magic Still Exists, and she couldn’t be more correct. Agnes has been reincarnated nearly a decade after her last record, and her birth planet is disco. Her delectable new enchanted realm comprises 11 tracks that transport us to land long forgotten owing to modern reality.

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Magic Still Exists is a spiritual entire body of work from the Swedish-born artist, who, although being only in her early thirties, has created a long-form dancefloor masterpiece that belies her years. She has produced her own engaging modern take on the genre that Agnes refers to as “spiritual disco,” drawing musical inspiration from Giorgio Moroder, Sun Ra, and Sylvester.

Fans were given an early taste of the album with the recent comeback smash singles ’24 Hours,’ ‘Fingers Crossed,’ and the most recent track ‘Here Comes The Night,’ all of which are included on the album. “Mixing spiritual lyrics with dance felt both enticing and important,” Agnes explained. Disco is about freedom, about being able to express oneself without feeling embarrassed. But music was also something I needed to do to develop myself spiritually.
It was an opportunity to multiply what I already had and just have fun with it.”

Not only does the spiritual disco queen have the voice and beats, but she also has the all-important natural attitude and visual sensibilities. The complete package, which can be compared to Grace Jones, Róisn Murphy, and Kylie Minogue, is rare.

“The soul has no gender, your spirit has no gender,” Agnes preaches during one of the album’s interludes. “It’s time to set yourself free, let go of anything that keeps you back, the soul has no gender.” This encapsulates the album listening experience, which transports you to another world and has you longing for the night when the truth you can emerge and the magic can happen. “‘Magic Still Exists’ is a compilation of epiphanies about what it means to be human and our ongoing yearning for something bigger, something more,” Agnes explains. Because the album was created in collaboration with friends, the process was incredibly personal. Something that allowed me to unwind, let go, and enjoy myself.”

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