Katherine Aly Confronts Inequality and Prejudice with ‘Pariah’ Single

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Katherine Aly, an alternative pop musician, has released a new video and single called ‘Pariah.’ The song celebrates individuals coming together in their hatred of “intolerance.” An empowering statement that calls out individuals who manipulate and discriminate against others without thinking.

Katherine, music video director Stuart Breadner, and producer Naz Schmaz collaborated on Pariah’s moving music video. It includes characters of various genders, ethnicities, and body types. These people share personal stories of discrimination–hurtful and demeaning insults directed at them just because of their identification that are tattooed on their bodies. The phrases in their bodies are shown as the video goes. It serves symbolic gesture of erasing stigma and hatred towards them.

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It’s essential that all these social issues of discrimination are given platforms in different forms of art, especially music. I’m delighted that an artist like Katherine Aly is committed to bringing justice to these marginalized people and educating others who seem confused about another’s identity.

Pariah is the follow-up song to Katherine Aly’s synth-pop fusion Glow & Ignite, which was released earlier this year. Both songs will be on her next EP. Further information about the project will be released in the coming weeks. Pariah, which was published digitally on September 17, is now accessible on a variety of download and streaming services.

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