Listen to Firesites ‘Oceanpotion’ Before Its Official Release

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Firesites, a Newcastle-based alternative electro-pop band, has released a new song and video called ‘oceanpotion’. The song will be released on October 8th, following the success of their debut album, ‘The Sun’!

Listen to ‘oceanpotion’ here!

Firesites has been helping to revitalize Newcastle’s post-lockdown gig scene, getting back on stages and honing in on some new sounds, since the release of their debut album “The Sun” in November. Firesites want to entice some eyes and ears with their next track, “oceanpotion,” which will be released on October 8th, alongside another DIY music video by frontman Tom Waterworth.

Firesites Oceanpotion
Firesites frontman Tom Waterworth

For those unfamiliar with Firesites, the band’s sound is a dynamic mix of peppy electronic rock and laid-back indie synth-pop that falls somewhere between Radiohead and Homeshake. Soft falsetto vocals, lo-fi guitars, wavy synth lines, and airy saxophones make up ‘oceanpotion,’ which achieves a peaceful listening experience with a mix of soft falsetto vocals, lo-fi guitars, wavy synth lines, and airy saxophones, Tom Waterworth, and his production skills, which are heavy on chorus and delay effects, add to the track’s appealing, spacious, and dreamy air.

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Sam Fox (No Fox), one of Newcastle’s most well-known saxophonists, is featured on the record, adding rich harmonies and countermelodies to Waterworth’s synth and voice portions. During the outro, Fox takes a solo, bringing the piece to a close. Tom Waterworth remarked of the song’s and video’s creation:

“The whole thing is supposed to be quite sensual, but trippy and abstract at the same time. The song came about when I found the whammy bar for my Strat, I started messing around with some wonky guitar chords with the original idea of an ‘ocean milkshake’ in mind. […] I messaged my friend Sam about recording the sax part just a few days before he left Newcastle forever. He’s amazing and luckily he had an evening free so I just went over with some mics and sort of directed him, but he did an incredible job of translating my nonsense instructions into really beautiful music. […] For the video, I’d just watched Barbarella for the first time and really wanted to replicate some of the background special effects in that. I don’t know how they did it but I tried messing around with ink in water and was pretty pleased with how it looked!”

On the 9th of October, Firesites will perform a single launch show at The Head of Steam in Newcastle, in collaboration with Brain Trust Collective, to celebrate the release of their new album, ‘oceanpotion’ (support TBA). On October 8, 2021, Almost Indie Records will release ‘oceanpotion’ on all major digital download and streaming platforms.

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