‘Kinain ng Social Media’ by Mani Kontador is Musically-Nostalgic and Socially-Relevant

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Mani Kontador ‘Kinain ng Social Media’ EP Review

As a millennial, I find it delightful when a new artist reminds me of my generation. From grade school until mid-college, I was very much into punk rock and all the other genres it encapsulates (emo punk, post-hardcore, etc.).

Mani Kontador offers a punk rock repertoire that reminds me of OPM alternative acts, so they’re a great band to behold if you’re from my generation. Hence, this band’s music gave me jitters because they remind me of my 6th grade to early high school days when some of my most favorite artists were Blink 182 and OPM’s very own Kamikazee.

Mani Kontador 'Kinain ng Social Media' is Musically-Nostalgic and Socially-Relevant
Mani Kontador 'Kinain ng Social Media' is Musically-Nostalgic and Socially-Relevant
Mani Kontador From top to bottom: Junee Abe, Rafael Gerardo and Ralph Rapiz

While being nostalgic about my grade school and high school days, I’ve been struck by Mani Kontador’s messages and social commentary that are apparent in their songs. The band is upfront in addressing crucial social issues that they want to confront in these times, not just to the youth but also to the older generation. I believe that musicians play a huge role in bringing those issues at hand, and Mani Kontador did a great job.

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In the age of social media and internet approval, ‘Aprub.’ While yearning for social approval is a critical issue; only a few artists have applied it to be a commentary to their art. ‘Selpi’ has a similar message about people getting social approval, with some of them hiding their true selves in the guise of what they show online.

‘Mensahero’ brings us to straight-up nostalgia even with its lyrics. It will remind us of our first love or our high school or college crush. I guess each of us can relate to the song.

Like any other 90s to early 2000s OPM band, a friendship anthem is always included in an album. For Mani Kontador, ‘Sheyr’ is the song for that. Lyrically-wise, one may equate it to The Eraserhead’s ‘Minsan’ or ‘Barkada’ by Parokya ni Edgar.

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‘Peymus’ is an anthem about ‘fame’ and the commentary about every person who wants to be famous and giving up being private, which accentuates the age of social media where everyone is their own blogger and influencer, and the fact that bland, unimportant, shallow content is being consumed.

‘Sayn Ap’ is a dark, electro-driven track about the lures of signing up to any social media or internet-based accounts or perhaps any organization, preceded by money and evil pursuits. While the main lyric is only ‘Magsign-up ka na,’ the track delves more into its dark, sensual, and manipulative overtone.

There are very few musicians who exhibit a deal of concern towards what is happening in the world today. Mani Kontador is less political, but the social discourses which the band speaks of are very relevant, personally, in almost every human being on this planet.

I’m looking forward to Junee, Rafael, and Ralph’s upcoming releases. I’m sure that they are as socially congruent as ‘Kinain ng Social Media,’ ‘coz that’s mainly what punk music is for: to spread an important idea and commentary. The music is just a bonus.

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