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The Pop Blog’s PANTHEPACK “BUZZ” Track Review is a unique perspective to the group’s third single. Read on.

Just recently, Jackson Wang unveiled the mysterious PANTHEPACK members that include himself, ICE, Karencici, and J. Sheon. Following the big reveal, the collaboration of the four talented and diverse artists released their new single, “BUZZ.”

“Buzz” is the follow-up to the first two singles of PANTHEPACK entitled “DNA” and “Transmit.” The two first songs have received critical acclaim and high praises from the group’s fans. PANTHEPACK’s music is a fusion of r&b, electronica, hip-hop, rap, and pop. The four Chinese members have promised to incorporate each of their Western and contemporary influences into the Eastern and Chinese sensibilities.

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Like “DNA” and “Transmit.” “BUZZ” showed the fusion of the four member’s influences into their traditional sounds. The first two singles, while being reminiscent of an East meets West release, are under the typical pop and r&b collection of hits we have now. “BUZZ,” however, offers a darker overtone. Many of its parts remind me of street and underground rap music.

ICE’s high-pitched and dark Chinese-sensible rap style, as always, has been found to be a great match to Jackson’s unique deep-nasal vocals. J.Sheon’s amazing singing vocals will give pop and mellow fans a surprising contrast to the dark contemporary hit. Meanwhile, the only female member, Karencici, reinstates the group’s contemporary positioning.

As PANTHEPACK promised, “BUZZ” has contributed to the group’s cutting-edge offering that is both Chinese and Western contemporary that would be a sure hit to the youth and the older generation alike.

Thanks for reading our PANTHEPACK “BUZZ” Track Review. Listen to “BUZZ” here:

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