Plastic Butter ‘Last Flight’ Track Review

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After ten years of hiatus, one of Davao’s most beloved disco-punk bands, Plastic Butter, is out to conquer our musical realm once again. They’ve recently released their single, “Last Flight.”

Plastic Butter has always had great experiences. Despite breaking up or being on hiatus for quite some time, like a first love or a perfect love, they have never forgotten how it was like writing with the band, performing live, and just as being together in music.

Plastic Butter Last Flight
Plastic Butter members from top left to bottom right: Phrixus, Anton, TJ, Omar, and Kre.

Apart from the band, their fans have also romanticized Plastic Butter, one of the primary movers and toppers of the never-forgotten “golden age” of the Davao music scene. All kinds of musicians have gathered in one place almost every night. Plastic Butter’s songs remain a reminder of that era where several musicians fell in love, got heartbroken, or achieved a special kind of “self-actualization” by sharing their music with Davao City.

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I believe that “Last Flight” represents those experiences musicians and the members of Plastic Butter themselves had. As the band said, “Last Flight reminds listeners of a ride through summer soundscape of isolation and connection, despair and hope, loss and love…With lyrics like another happy story ends with a tragic state of mind, it is an anthem for our times.”

Last Flight also represents Plastic Butter as a whole; it’s like our face. The tone, mood, and musicality represent us as a neo-punk melodic band,” the band continues.

As old fans have been waiting for, new listeners could also relate and be beguiled with Plastic Butter’s punk, pop, indie, disco, electro, and retro sounds. Check them out on Facebook, Spotify, and Youtube.

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