Paul Pablo ‘Bangin’ Song and Music Video Review

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Our favorite artist, Paul Pablo, is on a roll! We interviewed him in 2020 when a lot of things have happened to him personally, but just shortly after that came the most exciting time his career has transitioned.

After being an independent artist in his college years, Paul Pablo is finally ready to conquer the Philippines and the world after signing up with Warner Music. With his impeccable talent, unique persona, and superb music, no wonder that the big entities are up for him, especially after seeing his one-person production of his song, Bai, with a bit of help from his niece.

Now, as he is ready to dominate the music industry, he recently released his music video for Bangin.

Paul Pablo ‘Bangin’ Review

Lyric-wise, ‘Bangin’ is relatable to everyone, as he sings Ako’y mahuhulog na, mahuhulog na ng tuluyan, which many people, no matter what generation, could relate to. It exemplifies the opm ideals and Filipinos’ never-ending penchant for h.”hugot” songs. My sister, who’s currently in love, couldn’t help but go crazy over the music and its lyrics.

Paul Pablo’s topnotch vocal range and pop vibrato is highlighted as it swings through every part of Bangin, making it an easy listen, despite its indie and rock sensibilities. The song’s rock influences make it fresh and introduce the “hugot” generation (e.g., Moira fans) to 80s spunky electronic and indie sounds. Paul and his manager coined the term #Hugotronic for his particular sound.

Paul Pablo 'Bangin' Song and Music Video Review
Photo by Paul Pablo

I love it that someone like Paul connects the mainstream demographic to indie rock sounds they’re not so used to hearing. The typical OPM enthusiasts are taken to the whole new realm of electro and indie music.

Music Video and Aesthetic

After independently-producing Bai MV and following-up with Bangin, Paul Pablo gives birth to his unique aesthetic that fans like me can now characterize. It’s now distinguishable from other directors and creators. I’m pretty sure that Paul will also make a name for himself in that area, apart from his music.

The music video’s dark overtones suggest the song’s meaning of confusion and denial, but ultimately owning to the feeling of being in love and accepting its reality. Towards the end of the music video, Paul blooms into a beautiful flower after his said love interest catches him, after falling. The music video falls nothing short of a hit BL series, and it’s even a lot better, given Paul Pablo’s propensity for queer glamour.

Paul Pablo ‘Bangin’ Song and Music Video Review
Photo by Paul Pablo

Paul Pablo’s queer aesthetic is extraordinary, stunning, and bold. It is truly representative of the new generation of zoomers coming out of their creative and authentic shells.

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