Plastic Butter ‘Plastic Heartbeat’ EP Review

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Davao City’s multi-awarded indie electro-rock band, Plastic Butter, is out to conquer the waves. Almost 18 years after their debut, they have released their EP, ‘Plastic Heartbeat’, comprising some of their all-time favorite hits and a few new ones. An eclectic mix of disco, rock, electro, pop, and OPM 70s, 90s, and 2000s music, ‘Plastic Heartbeat’ is sure to give you a lot of chills from its inflicted nostalgia.

The first track, Analog Brochure, is one of their new tracks, but it doesn’t deviate from their nostalgic repertoire of electro-rock influences like Metric. At , listen, I didn’t care for it so much, but it has become one of my favorites from the band now.

The next track Hating Umaga has won Plastic Butter a legion of fans in the Davao independent music scene. It’s one of their most requested songs during gigs. The song has always been one of my go-to “kilig” songs. Hence, it amplifies Filipinos’ penchant for the “hugot” and “kilig” hunk of Philippine society.

Hating Umaga is heartwarming and the easiest song to fall in love with when discovering Plastic Butter. Despite being first released many years ago, a delightful surprise for this new version is the producers’ infusion of 70s Filipino disco-rock styles such as Hotdog, VST & Company, and Cinderella, which may also please older listeners.

When I first heard Corners more than a decade ago, it was very reminiscent of Daydream Cycle, Squid 9, Sandwich, and other Raimund Marasigan’-related bands, which the Plastic Butter is proud to be highly influenced by. Corners still has the same sensibilities, and it gives me a lot of jitters and nostalgia, but they slowed it down a bit and incorporated their new recent influences.

Muling Pagdududa is another track that is nostalgic for me. It reminds me of Sandwich’s Thanks to the Moon’s Gravitational Pull album, but I don’t remember which track. But apart from that, it’s also reminiscent of 90s tracks and 70s rock as well.

I wrote a review about the final track, Last Flight, here:

With TJ’s mesmerizing vocals, and each of the members’ impressive musical influences, Plastic Butter is ready to jump into the indie music scene once again, and they’re unstoppable.

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