Meet my Cousin Lilay who has a Fine Taste in Music and in Art

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I first met my cousin Lilay when I was already in my 3rd year of college. Despite meeting the first time, there was never an air of akwardness between us cousins. She took interest in us, and shared her hobbies and the many facets to her personality openly.

Up to this day, her simplicity has never changed, but I see more of the hidden parts of Lilay through the music she listens to, which by the way was one of the reasons why we clicked. I’d like to call her musical taste eclectic, but in a sense, it mostly gears towards high art–postmodern classical, folk, soul, and alternative. These are mostly the genres she devours.

1. Please introduce yourself.
My name is
Angelie Celeste Villasanta Sarreal but you can just me “Lilay”. I am currently taking up Fine Art major in Art Education at UP-Diliman under which is my second degree. I love learning new things and sharing knowledge to others, creating art, reading, playing my ukulele (for now), hiking and constantly thinking of ways to change the interior of our house. Haha..

Click this to check out Lilay’s art portfolio

2. What do you do?
Right now my plates are keeping me busy. Haha.. I am still trying to balance everything! I also have an online shop called curated_by_li. 

3. How did you come to love music? How would you consider yourself, a melophile (music lover) or a melomaniac?
My siblings and I were exposed to classical musical at an early age and thus, leading us to play different musical instruments. As we grew, I began to hear different genres from my siblings from alternative rock, avante garde, musicals, blues, funk, ska and reaggae. I guess I am a melomaniac. Haha..

4. What’s your most favorite genre and why? Sorry, but you can only choose one.
This is hard! Haha.. Right now I get so sentimental and listen to 90s alternative rock. Haha.. It just feels good to have that energy pumping while getting things done.

5. Who’s your most favorite artist in the world and why? You may choose two.
Another hard question! Haha.. I would choose Jack Johnson because he always gives me a chill vibe that I would like to listen when I arrive home from school. Second would be Billie Holiday especially when I hear “Blue moon”. She makes me feel that 1950s was the best time to live and how I would love to meet Mark Rothko as well! 

6. What’s your most favorite song in the world and why? You may choose up to three.
1. “Ugoy ng Duyan” made by Lucio San Pedro. I just cry hearing this song. A mother’s love is extra ordinary.
2. “Burn out” by Sugar free. Never had a break up but it’s such a simple and catchy song!
3. “Dancing in the moonlight” both by the original, King Harvest and Toploader. Such a feel good song that never fails to make me smile and jive.

7. Please tell us about your playlist.

  1. “Stuck In The Middle With You” by Stealers Wheel.
  2. “ Sell out” by Less than Jake
  3. “Dosayan” by Grace Nono. This piece gives me goose bumps as it reminds me how our ancestors worships and how simply they live in peace with nature.
  4. “Super power” by Adam Lambert.
  5. “Right of Spring” by Igor Stravinsky

My Playlist is a mess and constantly changes depending on my mood. Haha..

Lilay is currently listening to 90s alternative and riot grrrl bands, so you might check out these playlists as well:


Art by Jim Morada

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