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Watch: Viral BBC Dad and his Family Talk about Covid-19 in S.Korea

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Amid the world’s coronavirus predicament, it’s important for us, no matter what class we belong, to keep our minds sane. The world inequality has been robust and we know that we have to be aware and take care of our poor brothers and sisters’ needs (click this to help) However, mental health and problems are a real thing, and it can cause middle class and first-class people to die. Hence, it’s important for us to get a laugh, especially during these times.


In 2017, Robert Kelly, a political analyst, and professor at Pusan National University had an important virtual interview on BBC world regarding North and South Korean relations. While being interviewed, his first child, Marion, barged in the room. It was a sight to behold, but the whole thing became funnier when his second child, James, followed.

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It didn’t take long before this interview went viral. Kelly was coined as “BBC Dad,” earning a lot of fans for him and his amusing family. He went on to guest in one of South Korea’s popular shows, The Return of Superman, with his kids.


Kelly is back with his whole family, Marion, James, and his wife Jung-a. They were interviewed by the BBC to talk about South Korea’s fight against COVID-19, how their family copes up with it, and how their country has flattened the curve. South Korea is one of the countries to look up to, as they were able to lessen the damage without having lockdowns.

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South Korea has flattened the curve successfully, and one of the reasons for that is that they have already experienced pandemics before, like Sars and Mers, so they have an advantage over other countries. As for people outside South Korea, please follow all protocols.  Stay safe, and stay at home. Enjoy the videos above.🥰

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