The Cast of Contagion Released a PSA for Coronavirus

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Years after it was released, the film Contagion is now reaching its peak again on Itunes as the film somehow predicted a pandemic such as covid19. Epidemiologist Larry Brilliant, one of the consultants for the movie, has been warning the US government of what might happen. True enough, the COVID-19 has now spread anywhere, with the United States overtaking China as the country with the most coronavirus cases. As of this writing, there are already 101,866 cases in the country.

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It may seem a bit late now that the cast of Contagion has sent a message to the masses regarding social distancing, and preventing the spread of coronavirus as a whole. The Contagion star and his co-stars were tasked by the Public Health of Columbia University to do a Public Service Announcement to raise more awareness about covid19. See the PSA below.

We hope that their PSA would make a huge difference in people following all protocols. I am Filipino, but I also care about other countries as we are all connected. As a third world country with low-quality health care, we cannot afford to have more positive cases. If we open doors to other countries badly infected like the USA, then we could see the worst for our country.

Stay safe, and stay and home, everyone.

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5 thoughts on “The Cast of Contagion Released a PSA for Coronavirus

  1. This is not the first time actually that a movie sort of predicted what will happen in the future. I remember in my younger days (not sure what age lol) there is also a sci-fi movie and it’s talking about EBOLA. It came true after a decade I think. So scary that time too. I really hope this COVID-19 stop soon so we can have our lives again. It may not be the same normal as what some people say but at least have a life. Stay safe!

    1. Oh yeah. Was it Outbreak (1995)? It’s also one of the trending films today. Yeah, I really hope so too. Please take care!❤

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