10 Sarah Geronimo Songs that Deserve your Attention, Other Than Tala

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I have the worst case of last song syndrome to Sarah Geronimo’s Tala. Who doesn’t? Unless you’re an alien who never goes out of the basement, without an internet connection, your chances are very slim.

Tala was released in 2015 and made waves, but it wasn’t until in December of last year when the hit song reached its tipping point after Sarah’s performance at the ASEAN Japan Festival made headlines. Tala is now one of the most trending songs around the world, with several Filipinos covering its dance and making videos out of it.

Because of my LSS of Tala, I decided to give tribute to Sarah Geronimo, as her musical repertoire deserves more recognition from non-listeners who are into soul, electronic, and even rock music.

Naturally sweet and almost shy on TV, Sarah G.’s persona morphs into a fiery diva when she performs.

The Sarah G. of the 2010s

Sarah G. breaks free from her typical popstar spectrum to a fierce and enigmatic diva when she released her 6th album, Expressions, in 2013. Much to my surprise, the songs released were not the typical candy pop or melodrama that she used to have. This new style progressed towards her most recent album in 2018, This 15 Me, which was an eclectic mix of soul, contemporary R&B, and even electro.

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It might be a transition of generations and the emerging of the ‘New Pop’ sound, but Sarah G.’s prime evolution was imminent. It’s a part of an artist’s career to mature into a brilliant diamond, and for Sarah, it came sooner than expected. Because of this, Sarah gained a multitude of fans that otherwise wouldn’t listen to her if she were to remain in her past pop star persona.

Here are songs by Sarah G. that deserve your attention, as also recommended by Popsters I know (who, by the way, have great musical taste).

This song introduced Sarah as a soulful diva. Her 6th album, Expressions, was a revelation. It was also during this time when Viva added two gems in the music industry, Yumi and Thor, who both made an impact on Sarah’s artistry, as well as Viva Records’ OPM contribution.

Kilometro, Dulo, Mysteryo, and Dahilan
These songs reiterate how a great pop-soul diva Sarah has become.

This song is a delight from start to finish. Simple, pero rock. It also diversifies Sarah’s most recent album, celebrating her 15 years in the industry, This 15 Me.

An intro and verse that might sound like almost an electro-rock song, it’s by far the most experimental song that Sarah has. The chorus, however, puts Sarah G. at level and intention. No wonder this song reached the charts in 2018.

My Love
If you’re into soulful jazz, like a more popish Sinosikat (the band), you’ll appreciate this.

Tagu-taguan is an effort to reach the Gen-Zs, but like Sandata, the song progresses into its intended pop that older millennials would understand.

Another soulful anthem that also takes its roots from Apo Hiking Society and other OPM bands from the 70s.


You’re not considered a real popstar if you don’t have a song about your mother. The Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, N’Sync, Boyz II Men, etc. each have their own. Sarah’s anthem, in my opinion, is a notch above the Western pop stars I mentioned, especially with the line, “Everywhere I go, I got a piece of you..”

Until Forever
Reminiscent of Disney anthems, ballad fans would devour this.

Since one of my friends recommend it, it might strike a nerve.

I want to thank my friends Fritz Flores, Kathymar Mateo, and Vincent Revote for helping me put up this list.☺

Art by Jim Morada

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