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So long, Unique; and the ways we unlock the mystery behind the IV of Spades’ lead vocalist’s departure

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Update: Last August 9, Unique and Kean guested on Tonight with Boy Abunda on ABS-CBN. Unique was still mum about the reason why he really left the band. However, he said that he got musical freedom upon going solo. He released his first album, Grandma. I wrote an album review.

Disclaimer: This blog is a mix of info from official social media accounts of the persons involved and the unadulterated opinion of the writer. You’ll know which is which.

It was a rather gloomy Saturday. I woke up at around 10 am, checked my phone to listen to my favorite binaural beats that I would need for my meditation. I was ready to click on my music player when I noticed my sister’s avatar and a sad emoticon on my notifications list. I was redirected to a retweet of IV of Spades’ announcement.

It had been almost a month if I’m not mistaken, that IV of Spades’ versatile vocalist Unique took a leave of absence from the band. The info I read was that he suddenly fainted on the way to their gig in DLSU Lipa. He was rushed to the hospital and was discharged, given that he should take a rest. The Facebook post of this announcement was already deleted. Come 17th of April, and this was posted on their social media accounts: Link

To be honest, even though I don’t know anything, I wasn’t surprised that he left the band, based on the IV of Spades’ post above. If you read between the lines, you’ll know something was off. Me, my friends, and some people had several assumptions in my mind.

Here are some assumptions:

While we had those assumptions, we saw Twitter posts referring to him going solo, which I first thought was ridiculous, but after checking out his mom, LLewelyn Torralba‘s public Facebook posts, I was taken aback. Unique did a solo meet and greet. His mom also shared his very own Facebook page, Unique. So much for fans prying in his personal life. So much for all our lunatic assumptions.

There have also been controversies about Unique’s relations with the band and management that were initially brought up, but were quickly taken off of Twitter, regarding the posts of this mystery twitter account, @bloodytru which fans think that that account belongs to one of the people in Unique’s side. Let’s just make them keep the issues to themselves.

As Unique had said in his surprising letter, we know what we are thinking. We gotta just read through the lines. His message was a revelation despite its idiosyncrasies. No matter how crazy our assumptions are, we are entitled to them. Thank you for the freedom of thought. So long, Mr. Salonga. ‘Til we hear your voice on your new musical endeavor.

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