Rising Star vaultboy Delivers Emotional, Uptempo Single “Where tf have you been?”

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Multi-talented artist vaultboy continues his recent streak of releases with the latest single, “where tf have you been?”. In this track, vaultboy explores the thrill of new love while navigating the frustration of not having found that love sooner.

Often hailed as “the King of Sad Songs” by Rolling Stone, vaultboy is known for his vulnerability and willingness to wear his heart on his sleeve. However, in “where tf have you been?”, he takes a more playful and comedic approach, delivering an uptempo song with electronic influences. This release comes on the heels of “everything, everywhere” featuring eaJ and “everything hits me at once,” the latter of which found success on multiple Spotify Viral 50 charts.

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Describing the song, vaultboy shares, “This song is about loving someone so much that you’re actually mad that they didn’t come into your life sooner. It’s sarcastic and dramatic and was a lot of fun to make. I hope it can be one of the songs people blast in the car when they’re with their significant other having a good time.”

On “where tf have you been?”, vaultboy collaborates with co-writers Tony Ferrari (Lee Brice, NC127) and Brett Truitt (Betty Who, Phangs). The production, led by the creative duo Colin & Alex with additional contributions from Truitt, showcases vaultboy’s creative prowess as a songwriter. The song seamlessly blends passionate vocal delivery with melodic harmonies, presenting a fresh and vibrant sound.

Having exploded onto the music scene in 2021, vaultboy’s songwriting talent has amassed over 650 million streams globally. His ability to navigate matters of the heart with poise and deliver witty, relatable lyricism has earned him recognition. From his viral debut hit “everything sucks” to fan favorites like “rocket science,” “aftermath,” and “i think i wanna text u,” vaultboy consistently demonstrates his knack for flawless and catchy alt-pop.

In just two years, vaultboy has experienced a meteoric rise, capturing the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. Currently, his Top 10 Streaming Markets Worldwide are dominated by Asian markets, including India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Thailand.

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