Kino’s ‘Fashion Style’ is a Dream-Pop Tune about Being Oneself

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Kino’s ‘Fashion Style’ opens up Kino’s new journey as a solo artist, performer, songwriter, producer, and CEO of his label NAKED.

Picture this in your head: you’re heading towards the sea, the achromatic pink-orange skies give you the impression of how magical the world is, but best of all, you see a black-haired, dazzling, and dapper creature incessantly beseeching you towards him. Such a quixotic chimera–that’s what you feel when you first listen and watch the POV music video to Kino’s ‘Fashion Style.’

Kino’s ‘Fashion Style’ is a simple and easy-to-listen track, but Kino’s fans from PENTAGON would find it to be a completely different track and genre, perhaps something they’re not used to listening to from the K-pop idol, despite the song completely fusing beautifully with Kino’s signature nasal resonance vocals. True nasality is Kino’s good point, which is rare, especially for an idol.

The song is a short, 2-minute dream-pop track that doesn’t only deviate from Kino’s usual songs from his solo album, POSE (from Cube Ent.) and from his boy group PENTAGON, but also digresss from the usual lyrical song arrangements even from other indie, rock, and even avante garde artists.

The song has a first verse, a refrain, and a chorus, but then we are taken back to the refrain, then the chorus, and end up on the refrain; it is quite a refreshing sequence, I must say. Additionally, Kino’s ‘Fashion Style’ is sung in English, which hints that he might be looking out for international recognition.

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Review: Kino's 'Fashion Style' is a Dream-Pop Tune about Being Oneself
Kino closing his BORN NAKED tour in Seoul

Beyond its literal interpretation, picturesque scene embedded with its sound, and Kino’s impeccable fashion sense, Kino’s ‘Fashion style’ serves as a reminder about being oneself and embracing oneself. “The message I want to get across with my new single “Fashion Style” is very clear, ‘Don’t try to be someone else, you are beautiful in your own skin,” Kino told GMA News.

Kino’s ‘Fashion Style’ opens up the K-pop idol’s new journey as a solo artist, performer, songwriter, producer, and CEO of his own recently-released label, NAKED. Kino is embracing artistic and organizational freedom now that he’s under his independent label, only asking help from Warner Music for distribution.

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In an exclusive interview with allkpop, Kino shared: “There are not many artists who can actually do every work just by themselves. That includes me as well. You need a team, and I guess it would be a matter of size. I am free, yet not free. It’s difficult but not difficult at the same time… You know what I mean? As I was before, the only thought that came to my mind throughout this process was, “I am creating something interesting.” The only downside of being a solo artist is not having members next to me.”

Being one of my biased members of PENTAGON, I couldn’t be more proud of Kino. Words can’t contain how much I admire him for his strength, courage, and determination to embark on this new journey and endeavor on his own. I look forward to his next, especially after saying that he has a lot of stuff to release this year. Perhaps an Asian tour, including the Philippines?


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