Apebreeder Drops “Suffering from Diabetes and an Intense Desire to Eradicate Humanity” Official MV

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Apebreeder releases “Suffering from Diabetes and an Intense Desire to Eradicate Humanity,” their third song, along with a music video, with a healthy disdain for Industrial Society and the rate of change that goes along with it. The song begins with a shoegaze-y, trance-like mood that transitions to a Japanese rock-like riff, leaving the listener wondering what might come next.

“Suffering from Diabetes and an Intense Desire to Eradicate Humanity” uses a variety of sounds to represent the chaos, resentment, and fleeting moments of optimism the modern individual experiences living in a society that constantly revolutionizes itself and engenders everyone else to keep up. A train wreck is coming your way after that.

Apebreeder Drops “Suffering from Diabetes and an Intense Desire to Eradicate Humanity” Official MV

You and I are both probably wondering why the title is so long and ironic. “Diabetes ’cause a lot of people have to settle for expedient food and nutriment that do not necessarily benefit their overall well-being but allows them to function in a highly stressful, fast-paced world and the Eradicate Humanity part articulates the resentment that brews inside of those who are displaced and left out by such rapid societal changes brought about by technology and industrialization.” Says Egor, their vocals and guitar guy.

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Apebreeder has succeeded in creating a cohesive sound that is experimental yet is just cohesive enough to enjoy upon first casual listen, ranging from Grunge to Dream-gaze to Punkrock, with a video right out of an early 20th-century propaganda film. We may have discovered a new obsession for individuals who miss the rock of the 1990s through the middle of the 2000s.

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The band Apebreeder, who hails from Bacolod and Dumaguete City, Philippines, is currently working on its first full album this year and plans to release one song every month. You probably haven’t heard of this band yet, but you should start paying attention to them now.

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