Music Recommendation: Dario Margeli – Optimistic Once Again

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Dario Margeli releases his new song, ‘Optimistic Once Again.’ “I’m a serious musician and songwriter. My songwriting process takes weeks because I work hard to create original vocal melodies. These melodies are discovered by working on the piano or guitar. I investigate musical scales and do everything to make sure my melodies are original. This is in contrast with many people releasing material today where the song is basically a nursery rhyme or a tune they have spat out from their mouth without even thinking that it may be a rehash of a song they’ve heard before,” he says.

‘Optimistic Once Again’ opens with a strong electric guitar solo to add contrast over a synth wave throwback 80s electronic production. The vocal line features four distinct melodic portions, including a chorus that is especially catchy as a result of the producer’s production work. Very unique piano improvisations served as the foundation for the tune.

Dario won’t complete the song without the help of wonderfully talented musicians. Hugh Williams of Fernandina Beach, Florida plays incredible guitar solos. Diego Villafuerte plays the synthesizers. The lyrics are upbeat and energizing.

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The song aims to inspire the audience to think that their success in life is a result of their confidence. Its lyrics exhort the listener to look back on their lives to find evidence of their success-enabling abilities. The song’s lyrics advise remembering your prior accomplishments to help you realize that you still have a lot of success ahead of you.

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More about Dario Margeli:

In the 1980s, Dario Margeli began taking classes in music theory. His music teacher was a well-known performer who was at the time putting out CDs for WEA. Dario learned how to write songs by studying the musical patterns of songs by funk bands like Nile Rodgers Chic and Brass Construction as well as music compositions by musicians like Prince.

Throughout the last two decades, however, Dario became distant from music. This changed when he was hired to write the album liner notes for two albums on NowAgain records, a division of Stones Throw Records, circa 2010, as a result of a website he had built for rare vinyl recordings. This rekindled his passion for music in him. Hence, he taught himself music production to be able to produce music again.

In 2011, Dario released his debut single and album, with Hugh Williams, a Florida-based studio musician, providing the outstanding guitars. One of his songs became viral in Italy the next year.

Dario developed an interest in Buddhism and other spiritual and uplifting teachings throughout the second half of the decade. From that point forward, all of his songs contained uplifting and motivating lyrics. His new spiritual lifestyle is reflected in the music, which isn’t hostile or menacing.

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