6 Reasons Why A’TINs had a Blast at the SB19 WYAT Tour in Davao

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The SB19 Wyat Tour in Davao was a wonderful treat for Davao A’TINs as we finally met our favorite boys — SB19’s Pablo, Josh, Stell, Ken, and Justin after a long, long wait. What was supposed to be a concert tour in 2020 was pushed all the way two years later because of the lockdown. It was unfortunate, but at least the boys tried their best to give a lot of live streams online and release a few songs, especially in 2020, when A’Tins needed it most. But it’s still different when you look forward to something–like a concert where you can see your favorite artists live and sing and dance along with them and your fellow fans.

On October 15, 2022, SB19 finally graced the SMX Lanang stage in Davao City to bring out their best in entertaining Davao A’TINs. Here are the reasons why WYAT Tour in Davao might be the most fun and memorable one:

1. SB19 brought their labelmate KAIA, and rapper Josue to be their front acts

It was my first time seeing KAIA live and getting to know Josue. The girls of KAIA were very charming, sweet, and talented. Like SB19, their songs are P-pop supremacy and are fused with their top-notch vocals and excellent dance steps. As for Josue, whom I only got to know during the concert, I could only say wow! This guy is a master rapper! Apart from that, his songs weren’t shallow; they spoke about how wrecked our society is and how flawed we are as a nation.

2. The SB19 WYAT Tour Davao Tickets were on Sale

Everyone knows that everything is getting costlier nowadays, so many Davao A’TINs were surprised that one of SB19’s endorsements, Dunkin’ Donuts, sponsored some of the ticket costs so that more A’Tins will be able to see SB19 without having to break the bank. Everything was a blessing because A’Tins could enjoy boxes of Dunkin’ Donuts while being given a ticket. And that’s not all. Since it was impossible to consume all boxes of the donuts (depending on the tier they were after), buyers were given tokens for the donuts and could use those months even after the day of the concert (it’s perfect, especially since Christmas is coming).

6 Reasons Why Davao A'TINs had a Blast at the SB19 WYAT Tour in Davao

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3. SB19 sang all of their hits

Since SB19 has a new album, I never thought that they would be singing all of their most popular singles, “Go Up,” “Hanggang sa Huli,” “Tilaluha,” and “Alab,” from their first album, “Get in the Zone.” They have already performed those in March 2020, their first time performing in Davao for a Pepsi event. Aside from that, I was also surprised that they performed their wonderful cover of Michael Pangilinan’s “Bakit ba Ikaw.” That’s on top of them performing all their hits, including “MAPA” and “Bazinga.” Ken, or Felip, my bias, even performed a bit of his solo single, “Bulan,” as an intro to “Bazinga.”

4. SB19 WYAT Tour – A’Tin Davao’s Project Lipad

Like every Filipino audience (we’re known to be the best, according to statistics that many foreign artists may or may not disclose), the A’Tins Davao, apart from singing along and participating in the SB19 boys’ skits and games, surprised SB19 with a special stunt to make the SB19 WYAT Tour in Davao more memorable for the group, and the Davao A’Tins. Before the concert started, the official SB19 fan club members gave away mini butterfly LED lights to all concertgoers.

The butterfly LED lights were for all SB19 WYAT Tour Davao concertgoers to stick to their phones and light up when SB19 plays the song “MAPA.” A total of 4,000 led butterflies were lighted for SB19 during that night. The boys were very surprised and touched because of the gesture. Justin even said that the butterfly was symbolic of their journey as a group because butterflies meant growth, new beginnings, and transformation.

5. SB19 played a game that was made especially for Davao A’Tins

Organizing and practicing for a concert is a huge task, but SB19 and their crew went out of their way to make the SB19 WYAT Tour Davao special for A’TIN Davao. During the concert’s climax, SB19 played a Davao-themed game. The Davao A’TINs were surprised to see Ken in charge of a game master’s duties. He did well; he was very confident and comfortable. We saw that he felt at home, especially because he was the only one in the group who was Mindanaowan and could speak “Bisaya.”

6 Reasons Why Davao A'TINs had a Blast at the SB19 WYAT Tour in Davao

All the audience members, even those who were not A’TINs, enjoyed SB19’s skit. One of the phrases to guess during the game was “Davao,” and Ken said, “Ang kinabuhi naa dire,” which was the Bisaya for “Life is Here.” Pablo said something funny, which was also the wrong answer, so Ken said, “Hoy Pablo pataka ra ka’g yawyaw dira,” which made the crowd burst into laughter.

6. No P-Pop Group could ever match SB19’s Energy and Passion

Wherever SB19 is, or whoever their audience is, the boys would always make their every performance special for all A’TINs because they always give their best. One could see that all the members have improved a lot during the years, and were all very nice and kind to all of their fans. And that’s the reason why, despite all the challenges that they’ve been through, SB19 has risen to the top.

The WYAT Tour in Davao was the last leg of the SB19 WYAT Tour in the Philippines. At the end of this month, they will be performing in Dubai, and in November will be their US tour (New York, LA, and San Francisco), as well as a concert in Singapore. You may get your tickets at Songkick. For more updates about SB19, follow their official Facebook page.

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