#SundinAngPuso with Pepsi

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On March 7, 2020, Pepsi Philippines held the third leg of its #PEPSITASTECHALLENGE with its campaign, #SUNDINANGPUSO, in Davao City. It was a whole day of fun games and surprises. Pepsi brought some of the hottest acts we have today: Jinho Bae, Matthaios, and SB19, and influencers Mimiyuuuh, Laureen Uy, and Alyssa Valdez.

We see that these people have reached their dreams, and it’s easy to say that they truly followed their hearts.
Jinho Bae heartfully singing “Nanghihinayang”.
Mathaios and Calvin offering a chill performance of their top hits
SB19 giving a powerful performance of their hit song “Go Up”
SB19 making all their Davaoeño fans swoon over their talent and charm
Pepsi ambassadors Laureen Uy, Alyssa Valdez, and Mimiyuuuh

Unbeknownst to a lot of Filipinos, Pepsi is the go-to chaser for “tuba” or “coconut wine” for the Warays (people from Samar and Leyte). They are also sweeter and less gassy, compared to other colas. Their competitor might be all over the land, but when I asked some friends what their favorite beverage is, they would always say Pepsi. Hence, Pepsi visited many parts of the country to make the Philippines realize what they really want.

Pepsi Philippines challenged Davao City to truly discern through their sense of taste, and figure out which cola fits their tastes more. And Voila! 77% said it’s Pepsi that they prefer. According to Gutzee Segura, Marketing Manager of Pepsi Philippines, “Filipinos have enjoyed Pepsi cola for years now, and the global success we’ve had in various countries, as well as the overwhelming success we’ve had in Manila and Cebu, makes us confident Pepsi will be the choice of majority of the participants of the Pepsi Taste Challenge.”

One thing that strikes me the most during the event was their campaign, #SundinAngPuso. It’s easy to say it, but it’s really hard to follow our hearts. Like what my friends and I go through when choosing a soda (I myself don’t really drink cola it but if it was Pepsi, I would). We know what we want deep down, but for some reason, some part of us are afraid or lazy to do so.

Many external factors would control us, not just our close relations, but other people and society as a whole. Most of the time, we succumb to them. The worst is, sometimes, we are not actually aware that we are living for them, instead of living for our hearts’ true desires. I would state my passion for blogging as an example. It’s really odd that it took a while before I followed my heart to work double-time for this passion. Aside from that, I took a very long time to assess what to focus on (which is now pop culture). This makes me realize that love is indeed blind.

Nevertheless, Pepsi has now reminded us to #SundinAngPuso. Listen to your heart, and follow it. It may take a while, but we all get there. Be open and reflect. And don’t forget to drink Pepsi! <3

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