3 Things I’m Most Excited About Netflix’s ‘The Sound of Magic’

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Netflix’s upcoming k-drama ‘The Sound of Magic’ has a lot of exciting things in store for us. I attended the drama’s worldwide press conference, and it held many promises for k-drama, Ji Chang-Wook, and even director Kim Sung-Yoon’s (Itaewon Class, Love in the Moonlight) fans.

While watching the press conference, the theme about finding magic in our lives made me excited about ‘The Sound of Magic.’ Given that it is directed by the same director who brought us ‘Itaewon Class,’ I’m pretty sure that we’ll learn a lot from the drama, especially on how to put “magic” in our lives again, despite all the displeasing things that are happening in the real world.

Here are the three things that I’m most excited about the upcoming k-drama:

'The Sound of Magic' is a Musical Korean Drama

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1. The Theme and Main Characters of ‘The Sound of Magic’

‘The Sound of Magic’ introduced three main characters in the press conference, and the three actors portraying them introduced each one. The first one is the lead character Lee-Eul, played by Ji Chang-Wook. According to Chang-Wook, Lee-Eul is a magician who didn’t want to become an adult. Because of that, he lets people forget about reality and reminds them that magic still exists.

Yoo A-Yi, played by Choi Sung-Eun, is a poor high school student forced to face reality and become a working student due to her financial problems. Her life is miserable because she had to make a lot of sacrifices, even at a young age.

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Finally, we have Hwang In-Yeop’s character, Na Il-Deung. Il-Deung is someone who lives a comfortable life, and at the same time, he is an achiever in school. However, he lives up to the pressures and demands of his parents. Despite having “everything,” he still can’t live life to the fullest because of his parents’ expectations.

3 Things that Makes me Excited About Netflix's 'The Sound of Magic'
L-R: Main actors Ji Chang Wook, Choi Sung-Eun, Director Kim Sung-Yoon, and Hwang In-Yeop. Photo c/o Netflix

Lee-Eul makes a huge impact on Yoo A-Yi and Na Il-Deung after they meet. Lee-Eul reminds both students that they can still find magic in their lives, despite all the odds. However, I’m also excited about Lee-Eul’s character and finding out his weaknesses.

2. ‘The Sound of Magic’ is a Musical Korean Drama

There are a lot of Korean dramas that are centered on music, like the lives of idols, musicians, and other entertainers (e.g., Dream High, Shut Up Flower Boy Band, Naeil’s Cantabile, Heartstrings), but ‘The Sound of Magic’ might be the first musical k-drama, with musical performances (think La La Land and The Sound of Music)! Although Director Kim Sung-Yoon said that there might only be one or two musical numbers in each episode, that’s still something new. I can hardly wait!

3 Things I'm Most Excited About Netflix's 'The Sound of Magic'

3. All the Magic

The press conference of ‘The Sound of Magic’ was in itself magical, with all the beautiful and whimsical visuals. It was a sight to behold; what more the drama? According to Director Kim Sung-Yoon, it wasn’t easy to pull off all the detailed magical elements in the drama. He couldn’t believe that they were able to do so, ‘coz at first, he was afraid he couldn’t live up to the fantastical webtoon from which the drama is adapted.

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However, Kim Minjeong, the writer of the original webtoon of ‘The Sound of Magic,’ praised the whole production of the drama. He said that he was delighted after watching it. He’s very excited about the k-drama’s because he believes that its message will resonate with a lot of people.

‘The Sound of Magic’ will only span six episodes in total, but I’m pretty sure that they have cohesively put on all the necessary themes and elements to bring about this magical drama that we can devour.

‘The Sound of Magic’ will premiere on Netflix on May 6, 2022. Watch it here.

3 Things I'm Most Excited About Netflix's 'The Sound of Magic'

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