Sneak Peek: All About the Pre-Production of ‘The Sound of Magic’

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Behind the Pre-Production of ‘The Sound of Magic’ : From the voice of the Director and Writer 

Director Kim Sungyoun started the project with the goal of preserving the message of the original webtoon. He was captivated by how the protagonists in the original novel alternated between dreams and reality, and how “magic” helped them overcome their difficulties. Kim first pitched this live series adaptation to original webtoon creator Ha Ilkwon, and they’re finally ready to show it to the world after a decade!

A Combination of Magic and Music to deliver a stronger message!

Working on the blockbuster Itaewon Class offered Kim a greater knowledge of the difference between a webtoon and a live series, according to Kim. From the beginning of the planning process, he enlisted the help of writers Kim Minjeong and Ha Ilkwon to discuss ideas and establish the right tone and direction. He said, “I thought integrating music into the magic theme could effectively convey the story’s message.” He produced appealing images and an engaging narrative by incorporating music, choreography, and computer graphics into the original narrative.

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Kim Minjeong, the writer, concentrated on bridging the gap between the webtoon and the live series, paying great attention to minutiae to suit the overall production. She commented, “The necessary process of revising detailed elements was not easy. It simultaneously required matching the song lyrics to the plotline context, convincingly depicting the character’s emotions, and aligning the right kind of magic for the character Ri-eul.”

The Message in Sound of Magic: From the eyes of the Creators

A Story about Dreams and Reality: a 
universal theme that all can resonate with

Both director Kim Sungyoun and writer Kim Minjeong agreed that the original webtoon’s message ought to be preserved. And they focused on going into the subject of what it means to dream and become a true adult throughout the novel. Writer Kim MinJeong hopes that viewers will be able to perceive the many types of adults through the eyes of Ah-yi and Il-deung, and think about what it means to be a “decent” adult.

Ha Ilkwon, the creator of the original webtoon, praised the resurrected fantasy music series. He said, “I was excited and truly happy watching the adaptation of my original story. ‘The Sound of Magic’ is a story about dreams and the reality of young people and adults. Languages and cultures may differ, but I believe these key themes can resonate with everyone”. 

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