South Korea is constructing a dedicated K-Pop concert arena, with a 2025 completion date.

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South Korea is constructing a massive concert venue in Seoul to host K-pop live concerts.

Seoul Arena is the name of the complex, which has received a $256 million cash injection. The huge complex’s construction will begin in June 2022 and be completed by 2025. Seoul Arena will be erected on a 50,000-square-meter land near a subway station chosen by the Seoul government. It will house a music performance hall with 18,269 seats, a medium-sized performance hall with 2,010-seats, and seven theaters.

BIGBANG's 'Still Life'

South Korean web service Kakao jumped on board and signed an agreement with the Seoul government on April 4. According to Kakao, the facility will contribute to the global popularity of K-Pop. Virtual reality and augmented reality will be integrated into performances at the Seoul Arena.

“We will focus on creating Seoul Arena complex cultural facilities and thoroughly prepare various programs to develop the content ecosystem and revitalize the local economy to further speed up the global spread of K-content and co-prosperity with local communities,” says Kim Sun-soo, Chairman of Kakao’s Board of Directors.

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There are several notable venues in South Korea, but none of them are dedicated completely to K-pop. Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon says, “As a new landmark for K-pop fans from all over the world, Seoul Arena will be a great help to strengthen the global competitiveness of the cultural city of Seoul.”

K-pop concerts, such as those by BTS, are held in Olympic Stadium or other outdoor sites. Concertgoers will be able to experience state-of-the-art sound technology at the planned Seoul Arena. The facility is expected to draw roughly 1.8 million visitors per year, according to officials. Kakao said it aims to conduct a number of initiatives to help aspiring artists develop their skills and provide performance venues and studios for them to work in.

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