The Overtunes Releases ‘Write Me Another Song’ Single and Music Video

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The Overtunes, an Indonesian brotherly trio, are set to release a new single, ‘Write Me Another Song,’ which is taken from their next album due later this year. The three brothers’ closeness is clear in their creative process, which is an intense, pared-down affair. Over genuine and sympathetic musings, wistful melodies combine easily.

“It was a real joy and pleasure to explore the lyrical perspective I tried writing from in this song. We’ve always been the songwriters in our lives, and the effort to take on a different point of view here was a really fun experiment for me, personally. The prolonged recording sessions proved worthwhile in the end too, with the band making the song sound so much better than I first thought it would, and I am really proud of our work. We really took our time working on this song, making sure that we can give our listeners a different experience while listening to our song, And looking back, I am so glad we did. During the production, we divided this song into two parts, the first part, we recorded outdoors, to capture the ambiance and somewhat mimic a voice note recording of someone singing in a park, the second part we recorded inside the studio so that we have that transition between spaces that we hope people notice. All in all, it’s great to be in a creative environment again after a while, and we’re excited to deliver this experience and more, to our fans on our 3rd album,” says the band.

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The Overtunes is a Jakarta-based indie band that has won numerous awards. Mada Emmanuelle, Reuben Nathaniel, and Mikha Angelo are siblings who are most known for their national hit singles ‘Bicara,’ ‘Sayap Pelindungmu,’ and ‘Berlari Tanpa Kaki.’ The three brothers were raised in a musical home that was always encouraging of their early musical endeavors. They all learned to play their instruments together as a group and began performing in local performances as early as their adolescence. Around the same time, they began to build a fan base on social media sites, before gaining much wider public notice in 2013 when Mikha competed in the inaugural season of X-Factor Indonesia, which led to the band being signed to Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia.

The band members, known for their ability to produce original music, have released two albums and worked on various movie soundtracks, most notably creating “I Still Love You” for Ernest Prakasa’s film “Cek Toko Sebelah.” They were lauded for their sensitivity in writing to the scenes in the picture, and they had a long working relationship with Ernest that covered three films over several years.

The band published its second album, “Memory Lane,” in 2019, to critical acclaim, but then opted to take a pause for creative reasons, using the time to work on personal projects and record songs with partners outside of the band. The band will return with new music in 2022, after a two-year break, to pique the interest of its devoted fans with previously unexplored notions. The Overtunes have returned.

“We’ve been waiting for this moment for quite some time. Looking forward to making more records with my brothers. I mean, we’d been listening to all sorts of music, looking at different forms of arts during the pandemic. There’s a big chance of us three bringing in new colors to our music palette. That excites me. We’re hoping for a fresh restart. A whole new musical and visual experience for our loyal listeners. We wanna push every single idea to its maximum limit if possible. Can’t wait to see how our plans and things pan out.”

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