The Story of Maria Domark through her EP, “Flawless”

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Maria Domark, a future-pop producer, writer, vocalist, and former model, will release her debut EP, Flawless, on September 3. Maria Domark’s EP features hyper-modern 3D imagery by Razorade and Sevi Domochevsky, who have collaborated with musicians such as Grimes, Charli XCX, and Arca.

With over 1 million Instagram followers and a strong presence on Facebook and TikTok, Maria has developed a social empire on her own. Maria is contemplating a complete makeover of her whole online presence, which will include removing all of her existing and previous content and starting over completely from scratch. With her debut EP, the vocalist is currently attracting the attention of foreign media, including FLAUNT magazine.

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The fiercely independent track “Mieway” was mixed and mastered by Scott Banks, who has worked on two Golden Melody Award-winning singles, two Platinum-certified singles, and with Major Lazer and DJ Snake on “Lean On (feat. M).” Maria Domark embraces the world of future pop, like the music of Grimes, Poppy, Ashnikko, and Dorian Electra, and is supported by famous mind-bending visual art and unusual underground labels. Listen to “Mieway” here.

The Story of Maria Domark

Maria Domark was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, and immigrated to Israel when she was a child. She struggled to make friends and fit in as an immigrant. She hid her identity as a foreigner, especially because she grew up poor and was reared by a single mother. She was able to get into one of the country’s largest modeling agencies in order to support herself financially. Maria attended The Big Brother show on the advice of her agency and against her better judgment, where her name blossomed and she quickly became a well-known figure and star, putting modeling advertisements on national television and presenting major international companies.

Maria Domark chose to leave her entire life behind, disconnecting herself totally, in quest of authenticity and following a lifetime passion of making music, as the plastic shallow and superficial world of celebrity and modeling soon grew tiring and left her feeling phony and disappointed.

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Giving Birth to ‘Flawless’

Flawless carries a dark and beat-driven vibe containing the spirit of inner revolt and goes into upset. The EP has a threatening undercurrent, which is offset by Maria Domark’s fascinating vocals, which tell a story of dread, loneliness, rumors, plastic culture, anxiety, but also of living your truth at all costs.

Maria Domark had it with being told who and what she was supposed to be. The singer is well aware that her initiative would be viewed as dishonest by those who want her to be submissive and kind. Instead, she’s going into the area of authenticity, hoping to make a true difference in herself and in the world. With addictive basslines, ‘Mieway’ is about peeling aside the “robot-model” facade and finding her own way, away from those who never really knew her.

“This EP represents the beginning of my journey to truly connect to myself, creating my own music and following my true passion. Being left unfulfilled by my old modeling life, I was lost and in a pretty dark place, when the melody for “Haunted” just popped out while I was playing the guitar. At that moment, I felt my sense of purpose coming back to me – like this melody somehow woke me up from a long slumber. This ongoing journey formed some of the best memories of my life, some true friends and made me a wiser, more confident human.” says Maria Domark.

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