GrabFood Restaurant Picks, Based on Your TV Series Marathon

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It’s the Kadayawan month! Even if we’re practicing the covid-19 protocols, there’s no excuse not to have fun. Thanks to technology, we can still enjoy the festive season.

Since the grand lockdown of last year, people have come to devour and look for creative ways to enjoy their own homes. For a festive time like Kadayawan, what comes to mind is always food. This year, our Kadayawan series marathon will be extra special–all thanks to GrabFood’s Kadayawan FEASTival Promo! Continue reading for the promo and giveaway details.

GrabFood Restaurant Picks, Based on your TV Series Marathon

I’m pretty sure that many of you have Kadayawan TV series marathon plans. Let me recommend which GrabFood restaurant you should order from, based on the type of TV series you’re watching.

Western Comedy Sitcoms

Comedy sitcoms involve a lot of eating and ordering. Thus, they make us crave our American favorites like hotdogs, pizza, burgers, fried chicken, pancakes, and popcorn. There will be a lot of times that while watching these series, you’ll crave for these foods and some munchies.

Before you start watching sitcoms, be sure to order snacks or meals from GrabFood ahead of time. You’ll definitely want something from the usual fast food joints, but why not support local? I highly recommend ordering from Classio Pizza, Eatsider Diner, Jim Hoppers, SouthWing Cafeteria, Upstairs Rooftop Bar, The Griddle, and K Steak Unlimited. Craving popcorn? Taters, and the rest I mentioned, are all available on GrabFood.

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Action-packed Series

Many of us love the adrenaline rush that action series provide. That’s why they’re very addicting to watch. But did you know that according to a study, watching action series or films makes us eat more than watching a different genre? That’s because action films or series make you focus on the fast-paced scenes that you forget that you are eating.

The study may pose a threat to action binge-watchers out there. However, the proponents suggested that we can take it to our advantage. Before watching an action series, prepare healthy and low-calorie foods. Make sure that it’s your main meal, not a snack. It would be a huge benefit for your health and well-being. You may even lose weight since healthy food like vegetable salads boost your metabolic rate.

GrabFood has a lot of healthy food restaurants to choose from. I recommend ordering from Kindred Cafe, The Green Bounty Kitchen, and Clean Cafe.

Lifestyle Shows

Watching lifestyle series invoke fewer emotions than watching drama or action series. They’re so full of good vibes and inspiration, so they won’t make you succumb to emotional eating.

While it’s still not ideal to eat our meals while watching TV, many people have become accustomed to it. If you’re health-conscious, make sure that you’re only watching lifestyle series or anything that’s just about positivity while eating.

Our very own Filipino cuisine and fusion cuisine is perfect for watching lifestyle shows, especially if you’re with your family. You can choose from a variety of Family restaurants from GrabFood, but I highly recommend Cafe Tavera, The New Davao Famous Restaurant, Jickong’s BBQ Hauz, and Balik Bukid Farm & Kitchen.

Korean Drama

It’s pretty obvious that almost every Korean drama intentionally promotes its cuisine to the world, not just the series’ story itself. There is not one Korean drama that I watched that made me not crave Korean food. You have no idea how many Korean restaurant trips it took me while watching the Let’s Eat series. Hint: I can’t count them! But even if the drama isn’t really about food, it always finds a way to make you wanna devour those tasty Korean chicken and unlimited meat.

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Oppanok, 24 Chicken, Gourmet Unnie, Korean Delight Davao Bowls Aye, and Ssam Jang Restaurant are the go-to restaurants on GrabFood that can satisfy your inevitable Korean cravings!

Horror and Violent Series

There are unwritten rules to follow when choosing which food to eat when watching gory, horror, or violent series. The basic one is that no food with tomato or any red sauce is allowed. Brown-colored meals, vegetable greens, and porridge-like food are also unsafe. You’re really better off not eating at all, but if you must really do, sweet food like ice cream or milk tea will do.

Ochado, Kenko Naicha, Starbucks, and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf are on GrabFood. For ice cream and yogurt lovers, you may also order from the Selecta Ice Cream Shop and my favorite, Yoh Froz, on GrabFood.

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