Sunshine Blogger Award Nomination

I’d be honest. Before I went active in blogging again, I thought it was too late. Many of the people I’m exposed to aren’t really akin to reading. Or maybe those that are just dominant prefer vlogs over blogs. However, it was only after I joined WordPress that I realized that Blogging is very much alive. There are a million people who write and read. … Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award Nomination

Davao’s first love, Nokia, and its new Android gems

Oh, Nokia! Nokia! My first love! HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, invited us to get the first dibs on the Nokia 2 and 3, which will later be launched here in Davao. I’ve been really curious about Nokia for the past few years, especially after they finally succumbed to the Android format. As most of us know, many people would’ve wanted to buy … Continue reading Davao’s first love, Nokia, and its new Android gems

Don’t take anything for granted.

Don’t take anything or anyone for granted. It’s cliché, but with every life cycle, we forget to remember the great people and things that happen to us–until adversity strikes our lives. For the past two months, I’ve recently had a lot of breakdowns (like that of Jaclyn Jose’s famous breakdown scene in Ma’Rosa) because there have been setbacks in my business which I have no … Continue reading Don’t take anything for granted.