The DDS’ Flak Against Kakie Introduced Me to Her Indie-Pop Offerings

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Two years after its initial release, Kakie’s ‘tyl‘ is in the hot seat more than it ever has before. Kakie, Frankie Pangilinan, has recently drawn a lot of flak and bullying online, specifically on her Wish Bus performance of ‘tyl.’ That is due to the Philippines’s admin’s diehard supporters or the DDS’ flak against Kakie, especially on her political stance. As of this writing, Kakie’s Youtube video of the acoustic version of ‘tyl’ has garnered over 136,000 dislikes, both from legitimate Duterte diehard supporters and maybe some trolls.

Disclaimer: To be honest, I am against any political views that protect any huge group of people. These groups of people include the oligarchs (the wealthy 1% that has taken over the Philippine economy for the past 34 years, undermining most people, especially the bottom 60%), self-made bastards (druglords, hypocrite politicians, and other illegal business people working to serve both their self-interests and interests of their co-self-made bastards and especially the oligarchs). Based on Kakie’s blind, “idealistic,” and antagonistic political views, she serves these people I denounce the most.

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Politics aside, however, I have come to know and love Kakie’s music and talent. If it weren’t for the barbaric, hypocritical, uncultured DDS bullies and bandwagoners, I wouldn’t have ever heard of or listened to Kakie. Thanks to the DDS, I have added this new wave of music to my radar.

Kakie’s music is contemporary, with a mix of indie-pop and grunge. I have struggled to appreciate the recent wave of modern tunes, but Kakie’s music that joined in and fused the new and the old is something to behold. It’s music that is hard to come by, and that’s why Kakie’s Spotify profile is currently on repeat on my phone. It makes me proud of an OPM artist like her and her equally-talented producers.

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I pity the people involved in the DDS’ flak against Kakie, especially those who judged her music and singing. Their brains don’t have the capability of listening and appreciating music way beyond what popular or novelty offers. They say that she’s only a singer-wanna-be who could never even take what her mom and big sister have achieved (I agree to an extent because both of them are certainly more charismatic than Kakie). However, to burst those bashers’ bubbles: Kakie isn’t only a legitimate singer; she is a legitimate artist as well.

Yes, Kakie might be super privileged, and maybe that’s not her fault. At her young age and in her comfort zone where she dwells, she wouldn’t know what really is going on in the Philippines nor what the country’s real problems are. Hence, I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt. I am also denouncing all the rabid DDS for creating such noise against her. It is unwarranted, and aren’t we supposed to denounce bullying? What they’re doing is an evil example to other netizens, especially the younger generation.

As for Kakie, whatever that publicity is, it’s still publicity for her, that’s why she tweeted that she has a new single, and even though I hate her politics, I admired her calm and sarcastic reaction. Open-minded people in terms of musical taste would love her music if they check it out. She’ll definitely reach far places. I hope she doesn’t run for Politics, and stop protecting the current status quo of the country (1% rich vs. the lower-income people) ‘coz I now genuinely admire her as an artist. Now, I’m looking forward to more of her, musically.

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