Alden Richards ‘Goin’ Crazy’ Track Review

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No one would disagree with me when I say that today is the peak of Alden Richards’ career. He’s seen on TV every day, not just for one show, but for two or even more. In fact, due to this, I dreamt of him two times last week, and that’s only for the ones I remember.

While some critics would say that he’s overexposed these days, his fans know that he deserves it because he genuinely worked hard for it. He isn’t just a host and actor; he’s now known as Asia’s multimedia star. And he’s got what it takes to be one. However, in the past, there was one part of him that made me think twice, and that was his singing.

I’ve followed Alden’s career since 2015, just a few days after he first joined Eat Bulaga and before Aldub even happened. He was cute, charming, and handsome. I’ve also heard about his acting chops, and I knew there was more to him. Then, Aldub’s phenomenon instantly made him an A-lister. However, I wasn’t convinced with his singing at all. Being the extremist that I am, I denounced the fact that he released an album. I thought that he deserved everything GMA has assigned him, except for a musical career.

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After five years, however, my opinion changed. I noticed in 2020 that Alden was getting a lot better at singing. He hit all the right notes (even for the times that he sings live), and that’s far from what he was able to do before. More than that, his music leveled up more, especially after releasing the single Goin’ Crazy.

I fell in love with Goin’ Crazy the first time I heard it, and it’s still currently on repeat on my Spotify account. It’s funky, dancey, and pop-y but isn’t the typical track you’d expect someone like Alden Richards to release. The song is also something that most of Alden’s fans wouldn’t listen to because it has elements of acid jazz and soul, so the song wasn’t really meant for that demographic.

I’m assuming that Goin’ Crazy is Alden’s management’s attempt to make his music reach out farther than his usual fans like myself. I’m already a fan of Alden in terms of his character, acting, and hosting, but after listening to Goin’ Crazy, I’m getting to love what he offers musically, and I’m hoping that he keeps up with this genre.

However, it’s such a waste that, as of this writing, Goin’ Crazy enjoys only a total of 36,000 plays on Spotify–way far from Alden’s other popular tracks. And again, that may be because the song should be targeted towards his non-fans who like Jamiroquai, or for the more mainstream artists, Maroon Five and Justin Timberlake. I hope his management would work harder and spend more in promoting Goin’ Crazy outside of Alden’s usual fanbase.

So have I convinced you to listen to Goin’ Crazy? If you didn’t know that this was Alden Richards’ track, you would definitely like the song. So, please, just give it a try.

Alden Richards
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Alden Richards

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