12 Kawaii Cat Items that will Bring Joy to Cat Lovers

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This November, The Pop Blog is celebrating everything kawaii. What better way to do it than recommend kawaii cat items? Read on to find out some of the best and cutest merchandise that you can get your hands on.

I almost don’t remember a time when cats and kawaii culture were not so popular, and there may not be a time; it just didn’t get on my radar. These days, cats are the consistent internet stars, even more than dogs.

Cats and Kawaii culture have always worked for hand in hand in bringing joy to people like me, who could use even just a tiny bit of good vibes. Hence, I’ve compiled these 12 kawaii cat items and merchandise that bring happiness to every kawaii and cat lover, or at least those who have loved ones who are into cats. If you give them as gifts, I’m pretty sure that they’ll appreciate them.

These kawaii cat items are from Baby Spice Shop, home of kawaii, Harajuku, and other pop culture stuff that are can be excellent gifts for your favorite people.

Cute Cat Pouch

These cat pouches come in different types of cats that will sure enamor any cat person out there. Get it here.

MEOW Beanie

This meow beanie is simple, but it rocks a cat lover’s world through its magnificent illustration. Get it here.

Sailor Moon Luna Cat Ceramic Mug

If you’re a fan of Sailor Moon and her mischievous cat Luna, then you cannot just miss out on having this big ceramic mug that can fill up to 500ml of liquid. Get it here.

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Cat Set Cute Top

This cute shirt comprises of different cat characters. You may even recognize some of them on memes. Get it here.

Cat Book Stand

This book holder is a perfect gift for the cat lover and bookworm. Get it here.

Vintage and Retro Cat Sunglasses

These retro sunglasses work for every lady, whether she’s a cat lover or not. Get it here.

Sailor Moon Luna Hair Strap

Another Sailor Moon item is this hair strap that stretches out so that any girl, teen, or lady can be comfortable wearing it anytime and anywhere. Get it here.

Cute Cat Purse

Replace your boring purse with this ultra-kawaii cat purse that will make you smile every time. Get it here.

Itazura Automated Cat Steal Coin Bank

At some point, this automated cat coin bank made it viral and was even featured in the Netflix series Kim’s Convenience. Get it cheaper here.

Navy School Girl Cat Blouse

Little girls and teens would look kawaii in these navy school girl and cat long-sleeved blouse. It’s also perfect for spring, autumn, and winter. Get it here.

Sailor Moon Luna and Artemis Cat Moon Bag

Here’s another Sailor Moon item for fans out there. These moon bags are always a sight to behold. Get it here.

Black Cat Ear Beanie

This unisex cat ear beanie can be mistaken for a devil ear, so it’s the best of both worlds. Get it here.

Having cute items or anything that sparks joy is vital, especially in these times of uncertainty. Every time you see these kawaii items, I’m pretty sure that good vibes will instantly enter your spirit. For more kawaii, Harajuku, and hip pop culture items, visit Baby Spice Online.

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