These Toys and Essentials would Make an Ultimate Star Wars Fan’s Fantasies Come True.

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May the fourth be with you! In celebration of one of the most geeky-ish and ever-so-loyal fandom, we are converging cool items for the Star Wars Fanatics in your life, or if it’s you yourself. Maybe you can look forward to buying them after the quarantine, or if your country is still running imports. These would definitely make a Star Wars fan’s dreams come true, living like Yoda or Luke, with the force always with them.

Lightsaber Heat Sensitive Transforming Mug

This mug would transform into a Star Wars lightsaber design once you put hot water into eat. It’s a perfect collectible! Get it here.


Stormtrooper Retro shirt

With its cool 3D and neon design, this Stormtrooper shirt would interest any Star Wars fan, and perhaps start a conversation for a future soulmate?


Master Yoda Multicolor Remote Control Light Lamp

The Teachings of Master Yoda, you will remember, if this Yoda lamp is at your bedside. Get it here.


Darth Vader’s TIE Fighter Lego Bricks

Any geek would be delighted to build a spaceship made of lego bricks, what more if he/she’s a Star Wars fan? With so much detail (a total of 354 pieces), this would be a perfect activity during quarantine, if your customs permits. Get it here.


Brilliant 100cm Star Wars Lightsaber with sound

The market for lightsabers is already saturated, but many of you might not have heard of one with sounds. These would complete every Star Wars playtime, feeling like you’re Obi-Wan, Luke Skywalker, or the master Yoda himself. Get it here.


Star Wars socks

These Star Wars character socks are comforting, at the same time, alluring to every Star Wars fanatic.


Death Star Rotating Magnetic Bluetooth Speaker

What better way for a Star Wars fan to listen to John Williams’ award-winning symphonies than to play it on a rotating Death Star? Get it here.


Baby Yoda Action Figure

This cute Baby Yoda figurine is always a beautiful sight every time you look for something new in your homes during the quarantine. Get it here.


Millennium Falcon Bottle Opener 

A simple and mundane task would turn into a fruitful one if you have this bottle opener. Get it here.


Sphero BB-8 App-Enabled Robot

Everyone dreams of having her/his own friendly and quirky robot. This BB-8 robot would make your Star Wars fairytales come true as you’ll be delighted by the ever-so-cute BB-8’s moves. Get it here.

Check out Widget Essentials for more geeky and tech stuff. May the force be with you! Stay healthy!❤

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