Dead By Midnight: Rockstars and Superheroes in One

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Are you a fan of British electro-rock, comic books, games, VR, and otber multimedia? You get the best of all worlds with Dead By Midnight (DMB).

Dead By Midnight is an English alternative and electro band that fuses comics and graphic novels, film, music video, web series, VR, games, immersive concerts in one fan experience. While music is their main forte, their storytelling and design converge with it for us to learn more about the message of the songs.

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What’s great about Dead By Midnight’s concept is that they release a new volume of the comics congruent with a new song and music video. So every album means that there’s a new comic or graphic novel as well. A lot of fans like me have been yearning for something like this. While it’s a great thing that a band’s songs in the album remain a mystery, sometimes, we yearn for the band’s explanation of their meaning and stories. However, that doesn’t mean that the songs are set in stone. The listeners can always have their own interpretations of them.

Protagonists Byron and G

The Comic Book Series

The superheroes are Byron and G, along with their manager and sidekick Alan. Superheroes by day and musicians by night, Byron and G travel through time to solve crimes and save the world.

The story of the superheroes/band duo started via their first EP in 2019 entitled Shangkow City. The comic is set in the future 2089 in Shangkow, the only city left in the world after a nuclear war. The duo’s main archnemesis is X, a billionaire criminal. The other characters include Jade Fixx, a thief also out to get revenge on X, and Kommander Pearl Knight (KPK), the Shangkow resistance leader who’s out to change the system and get rid of people like X.

Dead By Midnight: Music and Comics in One

The adventures of the duo in Shangkow City continue with every new comic volume, new EPs, and music video release. So far, they’ve released three EPs and one single that’s all related to their story in Shangkow City. The story will wrap up through their upcoming debut album, Feed the Machine.

The band also continuously releases volumes of the story via printed comic books. If you’re a fan of both the comics and their music, you can get the ultimate collector bundle of Shangkow City in their shop. Apart from that, there are other collectible items like shirts and other accessories. Stay tuned for other collector’s items once they release their first album.

Dead by Midnight has it all. They give you the full media experience, which is a great deal that any band can provide you (their concerts are an immersive experience too! We hope we can get them to perform in Asia after this pandemic). Their music reminds me of my favorite Brit Rock bands like Blur, Oasis, and The Stone Roses, so even if there’s no superhero story embedded in their concept, people who love electro and Euro rock would become instant fans.

However, what I admire most about DMB is their voice and the impact they have on the world. Their music and comics tell our story–good vs. evil, questioning the status quo, and bringing change to the world. Of all that’s happening right now, there’s a need for revolution, and Dead By Midnight is one of the instruments and movers of change in this generation.

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