Good Vibes Amidst COVID-19: The Honesty Jeepney in Davao City

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The current pandemic has raised several questions and issues regarding every country’s political system (such as the healthcare and economic situation). These concerns evolve into a more serious trajectory–people’s trust in the government and its fellows. When people do not exactly know where to turn and put their faith into, they rely upon themselves, and how to survive all alone (with a few loved ones).

What I wrote above is a sad reality, but with every predicament lies a silver lining. On March 24, 2020, a video regarding the emergence of an Honesty jeepney in Davao City went viral. This particular jeepney used a recycled Shell Rimula engine oil to hold passenger fares and to serve as dividers between passengers. The passengers would put their fares in the used engine oil jug, and get their change in the same jug if needed.

Link to the video: Davao Honesty Jeepney video 



The video was taken by netizen Jefferson Camasin, who praised the driver for his efforts for social distancing (a maximum of 6-10 passengers are only allowed per jeepney). Camasin said that he and his fellow passengers were supportive of the honesty jeepney, and would be on the lookout for some passengers (one even uttered, “Bawal kumupit!” Or “Stealing is not allowed!”). Some of them even gave tips and didn’t bother getting their change. They appreciate the driver’s sacrifice and willingness to risk losing profit just so he and his passengers would not be infected by COVID-19.

In these trying times, I am thankful for people like the jeepney driver (unfortunately, Jeffrey Camasin didn’t get his name) who are helping us flatten the curve. I am hoping that he is doing well despite the fact that only a few jeepneys are allowed to operate when the enhanced community quarantine was enforced. God bless also those people who were honest to pay their exact fares and get their appropriate change. 

I’m ending this blog post by reminding everyone that there are a lot of good people in this world, and they cancel out the bad. Don’t lose hope. Continue helping in the information dissemination of the COVID-19, and encouraging those people to follow government protocols. Stay safe, everyone!

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