Hayden Tee interview

Catch Acclaimed Thespian Hayden Tee Talk about his Craft in the After Party Online Series

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The Philippine lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic has gravely affected everyone, most especially the poor. However, there are other displaced people who have no more gigs due to this–the artists. Unless the WHO and scientists around the world have perfected a vaccine, then many parts of the world would still have to distance themselves from one another and cancel art gatherings. Hence, these artists would not be able to sustain their livelihood.

Acclaimed theater actor Hayden Tee, in partnership with Palabas Tayo, Markus Mann, and Open House Fundraiser is raising 1 Million Pesos to help 500 displaced Filipino theatre artists (dressers, stage managers, lighting and sound technicians, stagehands, musicians). Tee will guest in Palabas Tayo’s online series After Party, to talk about his craft. The show is free, but everyone is encouraged to donate even the slightest amount for the artists’ living expenses, especially food. Here’s the link for the donation: http://bit.ly/DonateOpenHouse

After Party with Hayden Tee will be streaming live from his home in New Zealand on the 24th of April at 7 PM (Manila Time) via PalabasTayo’s Facebook Page (http://facebook.com/PalabasTayo) and YouTube Channel (http://youtube.com/PalabasTayo). Tee and the other cast of Matilda Musical started their theatre run in Manila but had to stop it due to the community quarantine. The thespians then went back to New York.

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When asked why Hayden wanted to help Filipino theatre artists, he said, “Filipinos are one of the friendliest and most thoughtful people I know. I instantly warmed up to them when I landed in Manila. That’s why it was sad when we were forced to cut our stay short.” He adds, “Everyone involved in the performing arts all over the world was robbed of their source of income because of the cancelled shows. We are all in this together so when PalabasTayo reached out to me, I easily said “sure”. I am just happy to do what I can, to help out.”

If you’re a fan of Hayden Tee or want to preserve our theatre culture, please watch the live show and donate to theatre artists.

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